Introducing Panzers Vor!

Welcome to “Panzers Vor!”   Our first blog focused on the Girls und Panzer (GuP) series from a desire to continue the fun anime post-episode discussions.  Unfortunately, interest waned due to the increasing delay between the anime and subsequent OVA and movie along with the narrow focus of the blog in general.  Besides, GuP certainly wasn’t the only military related anime, manga or light novel series we enjoyed watching or reading.

Therefore, we decided to expand the concept to include all military related anime, manga and light novels.  Anything with a military theme might be discussed though we will tend to focus on series with a WW II basis given our strong interest in the subject.  What will we be covering? Initial plans include reviews for the GuP Anzio OVA (late July), KanColle anime (broadcast date TBA), and Season 3 of Strike Witches (broadcast date TBA).  Of course the the GuP Movie (cinema release before year end) will be covered as well.  As time and interest permit, there will be posts on other military based anime, manga and light novels (plus any news/updates) along with various WWII related topics (including book reviews). If you have a topic to suggest, please feel free to post it in the comments or on the contact page.

We hope to fill a niche not fully addressed by typical anime/manga blogs by providing greater in-depth reviews – including discussion of tactics, weaponry, etc., for those who truly enjoy the subject.  Last, but certainly not least, reader comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for checking out “Panzers Vor!”


10 thoughts on “Introducing Panzers Vor!

  1. Just curious but is this blog focused only on anime that cross the military theme with girls, or does it include anime like Zipang?
    Also, I suggest making a post listing all anime/manga/etc that fall into this blog’s niche.

    • Flaze, glad to see you came by. No we’re not just focused on military themes with girls (though they are a plus). Anything military related might wind up on the blog though we do tend to have a focus on WWII military since both diakama and I are very interested in it. I wasn’t aware of Zipang. That looks like the type of show that would be right up our alley. Sounds like a Japanese version of the movie “The Final Countdown” where an American carrier goes back in time.

      Making a list might not be that easy though. For example, I had no idea Zipang was out there. If you have any others you might suggest let us know. We are going to focus on new shows that are upcoming since those are the ones that people will want to discuss.

      • Alright, another question regarding the topic of this blog. The answer to this won’t really matter to me either way, but will it include sci fi themed military anime? I assume no, because if it does, that’s opening a huge can of worms.

        It seems like the theme linking Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, Kan Colle, Arpeggio, Uppotte, and Zipang isn’t just the fact that they’re “military related,” but that they all make references to military hardware that either exists or existed (couldn’t think of a better word for hardware).

        A few other anime that I intend to watch but haven’t got around to: Silent Service (3 OVAs; appears relevant; Japanese nuclear sub during cold war), URDA (5 OVAs; may not be relevant; Nazis discover a time machine), Yomigaeru Sora (12 eps; appears relevant; rescue helicopter pilot)

      • To be honest, we don’t have an explicit, highly defined set of criteria for what will be covered. As we noted, a lot depends upon time and interest among other things. As Bear stated, most of the topics will have some sort of WW II connection or at least a “real-world” military relation which may very well be hardware based, but again, there are no hard set criteria. And don’t be surprised if some series contain cute girls. 😛

        True “sci-fi military” is probably something we won’t cover. Still, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio in my opinion is much more sci-fi than WW II related. The MM (mental models) have IJN WW II ship names and the FOF (Fleet of Fog) ships look kind of sort of like their WW II counterparts, but compare that to laser cannons, quantum network communication, gravity cannons, corrosive torpedoes (really missiles), nanomaterial, and of course the mental models themselves.

        So it’s hard to say precisely what will be covered and what won’t. Sora no Woto and Hellsing Ultimate/OVA both have military themes (Hellsing definitely has hardware and a WW II connection), but those shows probably won’t be covered even though I like Hellsing a lot. It just seems too “OT” for the blog.

        Thanks for mentioning Zipang along with the other anime you listed, and please feel free to make any other suggestions you may have. 😀

    • Flaze, also want to say thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the blog. Bear pretty much answered your question, but I would like to reiterate a couple of things. First, “cute/sexy girls” are not required, but I won’t complain too much if they are in a series. 😛 Same goes for the WWII connection. Both of us have a strong interest in the subject, but something like Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri (Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There) or even Upotte!! is fair game for coverage even though those are modern military related series.

      I haven’t watched Zipang either, but I do plan to check it out. Thanks for the tip, and please feel free to suggest others similar anime/manga/light novels as Bear stated.

  2. Hi all!

    I really like the intent and direction of Panzers Vor! I know I’ve missed out on some discussions on the previous blog but I’m definitely here in spirit.

    Regarding Zipang, I’ve watched a few episodes of it and found it interesting. Although, I’m not sure why I didn’t end up finishing it. I think it would be a good show to perhaps do a per-episode discussion since it seems like it will be a first time viewing for most of us.

    • Welcome Riful and thanks for the comment! Have to admit, Zipang flew under the radar for both Bear and I so thanks again to Flaze35 for the tip. Feel free to make suggestions yourself.

      As for covering Zipang, we’ll definitely consider it.

  3. Good to hear from you Riful and welcome. As diakama said, we are certainly open to suggestions. There are plenty of stories out there that we might have overlooked. Hope you’ll find our discussions interesting.

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