Strike Witches OVA “Operation Victory Arrow” News

Strike Witches OVA - Operation Victory Arrow_01Fall is shaping up nicely for Strike Witches fans – well, at least those able to attend their local Japanese cinema.  The first volume of the three part, 30 minutes long (each) Strike Witches OVA Operation Victory Arrow will air in theaters September 19th (limited screening) and 20th.  More information here and even more information here.

One interesting note:  The cast and staff remain the same, but studio production will be done by Silver Link rather than AIC.  As far as I know, AIC is still set to produce Strike Witches Season 3 which is due to air sometime later this year, most likely the Fall Season.

Edit:  Big thanks to flaze35 for tip about the first PV for Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol 01!


11 thoughts on “Strike Witches OVA “Operation Victory Arrow” News

  1. “Season 3 which is due to air sometime later this year”
    Did they confirm that? I assumed it would come out next year. If they did, great.

    Maybe they’ll even have some good Strike Witches merchandise at AX this year…I shouldn’t get my hopes up. The entire place will be flooded with Sword Art Online S2 hype. ;_;

    As for the poster, I’ve seen it a couple times and I like it (art style is nice)…I just wish the colors were a little more accurate. Yoshika’s hair seems darker, Barkhorn’s hair and Erica’s hair look a little lighter, and Eila’s hair doesn’t have its usual sheen.

    Season 2 SPOILER below

    Also, Mio is flying even though the OVAs occur after S2 (though I guess if they really wanted to, they could argue that her powers were slowly fading away, rather than disappearing at once).

    • AFAIK, Season 3 is scheduled for sometime this year. I don’t recall seeing official confirmation, but the few anime season schedule sites I’ve checked all have it listed as “TBA 2014”. Since it’s not listed for summer, that leaves only the fall season. That being said, there could be delays (hope not!).

      Maybe they’ll even have some good Strike Witches merchandise at AX this year…I shouldn’t get my hopes up. The entire place will be flooded with Sword Art Online S2 hype. ;_;

      LOL. If you do pick up some nice SW items, please take some pics and share with us. 😀 I don’t know if you’re interested in KanColle, but I would guess there will be quite a bit of KanColle merchandise available as well.

      As for your SPOILER (*sigh* wish we had tags for that 😦 )…

      Good point about Mio, but what about Yoshika flying? That’s much harder to explain. 😉

      • I’ll be sure to look out for KanColle goods as well.
        Somehow I thought I mentioned Yoshika. Evidently I forgot.

        • SW stuff I bought this year at AX:

          All of my SW stuff:

          Other things I saw:

          I also bought a couple Infinite Stratos posters and a few Nanoha doujinshi.

          One place had a lot of doujinshi but I didn’t bother looking through the Kancolle and GuP ones because I’m almost 100% sure all of them are hentai (then again the majority of doujinshi in general are hentai). No other GuP stuff, and I didn’t see any Kancolle figures, though there were plenty of Kancolle dakimakuras.

        • Thanks for sharing the pictures, flaze. Looks like you were able to find some nice Strike Witches items to add to your collection. Trude’s a fave of mine a well. For such a serious girl, she has some of the funniest moments in SW in my opinion (“My Siegfried Line!” LOL). Is The Witches of Africa official or doujinshi? The World Witches book looks interesting. Actually, wouldn’t mind the artbooks on either side of it as well (4th & 5th pics). Oh, and throw in the “Girls und Panzer Complete” and “Actung Girls und Panzer” books while your at it please. Hmm… something tells me that AX can be a dangerously expensive place. XD.

          Kind of surprised about the lack of Kancolle figurines. Guess those dakimakuras are popular. Any official Kancolle books? One with all the characters and some info about their RL WWII ship counterparts would be pretty cool IMO.

          Thanks again for the pics and hope you enjoyed AX.

        • All Africa doujinshi, including the one I bought, are considered semi-canon, according to the Strike Witches wiki. There isn’t any content that contradicts the anime canon in the volume I have, but I do recall hearing that in one of them, Marseille’s first familiar dies. The concept of familiars isn’t explained well in the anime, so that might be one of the reasons why the series is considered semi-canon.

          I don’t recall seeing any KanColle books, although I could have missed them.

          The RAW GuP Anzio OVA is online.

          Anime Expo is definitely expensive. I’m lucky I only live about 25 miles away.
          Some tips:
          -reserve hotel about a year in advance
          -the closer a hotel is to convention center, the more expensive it is
          -hotel guest parking is about 35 dollars/day
          -LAX is the closest airport; when going home, get to LAX about 2-3 hours before your flight–it’s a very busy and inefficient airport
          -to get an AX premier pass you must buy one as soon as they go on sale
          -for the normal 4 day pass, get it after AX ends, when it’s 45 dollars; ticket prices increase as time passes, until the 4 day is 75 and the 1 day is 55
          -for day 0 registration, expect to wait for hours
          -for registration on any other day, get there early (ideally 7-8am) and bring sun screen and a hat; do not get in line any later than 12pm
          -parking lots range from 5 to 40 dollars, depending on the day and location; website parkopedia is good for reference (not 100% accurate tho)
          -for merchandise, budgets are usually around 50 to 200 dollars, with maniacs spending up to 500
          -food is expensive; if you want to save money, bring your own or buy from somewhere else
          -if you’re looking for specific merchandise (eg: figures) look up their prices online on various sites and write down the cheapest price you can find (including shipping and tax) for reference; and remember, Los Angeles sales tax is 9%
          -bring at least 2 bottles of water per person per day (I take 4 for myself)
          -wear light clothes (if you’re not cosplaying)
          -you will need to get in line at least 30 minutes before any panel or event (time will vary depending on popularity, ofc)
          -do your own research as necessary

        • @Flaze35: All Africa doujinshi, including the one I bought, are considered semi-canon, according to the Strike Witches wiki.

          That matches what I recall, but I wasn’t sure. AFAIK, Suomus Misfits Squadron LNs, and Katayoku no Majotachi (One-Winged Witches), Rei 1937 Fusou Kaijihen, Tenku no Otome-tachi and Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora manga are all “official”. You’re right about the familiars not being well explained. Tenku no Otome-tachi chapters 3 & 4 gets into that for Yoshika. Shame the rest of the volume isn’t translated.

          The RAW GuP Anzio OVA is online.

          Eh!? Already!? Thanks for the notice. 😀 Unless something changed, BD/DVD release isn’t scheduled until July 25th so I’m guessing that’s a cinema cam rip – right?. As tempting as it might be to watch, I’m going to hold off for a proper BD version.

          Thanks for the sound, detailed advice on AX. That seems like something fun to try at least once. Being local is definitely more budget friendly though. I can easily envision spending well over $1000 before even walking in the door!

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