Kantai Collection Anime Unlikely to Air this Summer

Quick update on Kantai Collection (aka KanColle) anime.  All the anime season preview sites and Summer 2014 charts I previously reviewed had KanColle anime listed for this upcoming summer season. Starting about a week ago, those same sites and updated versions of charts removed the show from the 2014 Summer listings.  The reasons given are that with the summer anime season just two weeks away, there has been a noticeable lack of any recent news, updates let alone a released PV for the show.

When the anime was announced in September 2013, it was stated that producers were aiming for broadcast “next summer or later”.  The recent dearth of any new information not to mention lack of PV certainly do bode ill for the anime airing this summer. At this point, I think it safe to assume that the anime will air “later”.  Question now is, what is “later”?  Fall 2014 season?  Winter 2015 season?  For KanColle fans, such as myself, hopefully “later” means the Fall 2014 season.


9 thoughts on “Kantai Collection Anime Unlikely to Air this Summer

  1. Aww man. I was really looking forward to Kantai Collection for this season.

    Well at least we’ll have the GuP OVA this July.

    • I was looking forward to watching it this summer as well. One consolation might be that we get both KanColle anime AND Strike Witches Season 3 in the Fall Season. :D. However, that’s just wishful thinking on my part as nothing official has been announced for either show. We’ll keep you up to date as best we can for both shows.

      As for the Girls und Panzer OVA, we will definitely have some posts on that. The BD/DVD release is July 25th, and my best guess is that an English subtitled version might be out 3-4 days after that.

  2. Agree on the disappointment for the delay. It was the one show I was really anticipating. If they both show up this fall, it will be a treat to have two shows to talk about if we get both KanColle
    and Strike Witches in the same season! I wish we had some more news about KanColle so we at least knew what the story line was going to be.

  3. I didn’t even know KanColle was scheduled for summer. I thought I read that it was coming in the Fall. Maybe I’m imagining things.

    • Thanks for stopping by flaze! Rather than imagining things, I’d say you’re insightful since you got it right. As I noted, when the anime was announced, intended broadcast was given as “summer of next year or later”. News earlier this year supported summer (IMO). In January, the director and main script writer were announced. In March, three anime character designs – Fubuki, Akagi and Kaga, were released along with their respective seiyuu. For whatever reason, all anime season list websites and charts I looked at listed KanColle anime for Summer 2014 until about 1-2 weeks ago.

      JMO, but I think Summer 2014 broadcast was the original goal. Why release character designs in March for a show you plan to air in October (Fall 2014 season)? Seems a bit early to me. My guess is that somewhere between April and June, producers (or whoever make this decision), determined that KanColle anime would not be ready in time for summer. I hope you are right about broadcast in Fall 2014 anime season – that does seem to be the most logical air date. Still, I haven’t seen anything official. I’ll be sure to post something when I do, and please do the same if you find any news.

      • Will let you all know if I find something. On that note, heard anything about the GuP movie or the new Strike Witches TV series? I haven’t found anything recent about either. D:

        • @flaze35 – thanks for the FYI about the first PV for Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow vol 01! Already added it to my previous SW OVA news post. 😀

          Don’t have anything new for the Girls und Panzer movie or Strike Witches Season 3. Only thing I’ve heard about either is old stuff – GuP movie will be a “direct sequel” to the TV anime while SW Season 3 will be “a new series rather than a continuation.”

        • Yes! Thanks so much for the PV link. I loved that one shot of Hartmann’s face lol.

          I had not heard that SW Season 3 would not be a continuation. I actually have mixed feelings about this as I would love to see the other witches in the various squadrons, but I still want to see the 501st as well. Hoping it will be a good mix with newer faces taking center stage.

          Nipa and Heidemarie look like they’re so much fun!

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