The Tank Killers – Review

We’re pretty much aware of the Tank Destroyers that are shown in GuP such as the Jagdpanther and the Stug III Aus F, but one area I’ve found neglected in the area of WWII historical books is  the US Tank Destroyer Units.  This has been partially remedied by the following book:

The Tank Killers by Harry Yeide [rating 4/5] [Bear]

The book follows the development of the US Tank Destroyers from their conceptual development in the prewar though their initiation to battle in North African till the end of the war in the ETO and their eventual dissolution at wars end.  It provides a broad overview of their history as well as look at the lives of the men who operated them.   It also argues that, while the TD doctrine itself was fatally flawed, the TD units acquitted themselves well on the battlefield even though they were rarely used as they were theoretically intended to be.  It provides appendices showing which units participated in which campaigns and a short history of each unit.  The only reason I rate is a 4 is in comparison to masterpieces like Atkinson’s.  It is still well worth the read.


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