Girls und Panzer Movie Trailer Out!

Ran across this by accident:

Definitely after the Nationals since we see Miho in the upgraded Panzer IV and the Hertzer. Oarai appears to have the same number of tanks from the National finals. Looks like the Hertzer and StuG are setting up for an ambush in one scene. It also looks like at least one battle is against Gloriana (Darjeeling!) and it appears to be an actual match. We also see the scene where the still came from of Nishi Kinuyo and her Chi-Ha 97 but it’s not clear which team she belongs to. Can’t wait!


Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu! OVA – Review

Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA Review - Title Pic

After more than a year, finally some new Girls und Panzer action with the release of the highly anticipated Anzio Match OVA. Now that the OVA is out, does it measure up to the anime’s high standards? Let’s find out…

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Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu! OVA English Sub Out!

It’s FINALLY here!  \O/  The long-awaited Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA.  Last I checked, the DVD/BD release date was July 25th so not sure why the “early release”, but whatever – not complaining. 😀

We DEFINITELY will have a review of OVA in a short while, but in the meantime, I hope Girls und Panzer fans enjoy the OVA!

Company Commander – Review

Company Commander: The Classic Infantry Memoir of World War II by Charles B MacDonald [Rating 4.25/5 Reviewer – daikama]

Company Commander is a WW II oral history book, really the WW II memoirs of Captain Charles “Mac” MacDonald. The book is considered by many to be seminal work of WW II oral history.  Capt. MacDonald was young for a WW II captain – achieving the rank of captain at just age 20. In the fall of 1944, at 21 years old, he was sent overseas to Europe to take charge of his first command – the veteran Company I, 23d Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division. Later in the war, after recuperating from a wound, he’s given command of Company G of the same regiment.  MacDonald finished the war with a Purple Heart and Silver Star. He later worked as an official Army Historian, retiring as Deputy Chief Historian. He also wrote other WW II books such as A Time for Trumpets, covering the Battle of the Bulge in which MacDonald and his Company G fought.

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Girls und Panzer Movie Shots Previewed

Just ran across this news update.  This is the weekend that the Girls und Panzer OVA is being shown in Japanese theaters.  Along with the OVA there were teasers shown of the upcoming movie.  The full article is here on Crunchyroll.  Does anyone recognize the tank Nishi Kinuyo is commanding?     Riveted armor with an offset turret seems like early WWII.  I haven’t found any other information on what tanks Chihatan (their opponents) use or if there is a specific country they are supposed to represent.  Movie appears to be after the Nationals since they show the Anglerfish tank with it’s upgrades.

Update:  I’m guessing that the tank is a Chi-Ha Type 97.

The GI’s War – Review

The GI’s War: The Story of American Soldiers in Europe in World War II by Edwin P. Hoyt [Rating – 4.25/5. Reviewer – daikama]

The GI’s War is just what it says on the cover.  WW II as seen from the perspective, right or wrong, of the “GI”,  the “dogface”, the “doughboy”.  In the words of the author, “This book is about soldiers in World War II. It is not primarily a book about generals or other high-ranking officers, nor is it a book about military strategy and tactics.” Oral history in its most pure form.  The GIs War pulls no punches in terms of language or the gory details, and makes no apologies for it. Atrocities by both sides are detailed.

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Zipang Anime – First Impressions and Episode 01 Review

Series Introduction

Zipang anime is a 26 episodes long series which originally aired in 2005-2006 based on the manga of the same name. The story is about the fictional Yukinami class guided missile destroyer (DDG), JDS Mirai (DDG-182),

JDS Mirai (DDG-182)

JDS Mirai (DDG-182)

the newest and most advanced destroyer in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). En route to a joint training exercise with the US Navy, the Mirai encounters a freak meteorological anomaly and time warps back to June 4, 1942, the day of the Battle of Midway.

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