Girls und Panzer Movie Shots Previewed

Just ran across this news update.  This is the weekend that the Girls und Panzer OVA is being shown in Japanese theaters.  Along with the OVA there were teasers shown of the upcoming movie.  The full article is here on Crunchyroll.  Does anyone recognize the tank Nishi Kinuyo is commanding?     Riveted armor with an offset turret seems like early WWII.  I haven’t found any other information on what tanks Chihatan (their opponents) use or if there is a specific country they are supposed to represent.  Movie appears to be after the Nationals since they show the Anglerfish tank with it’s upgrades.

Update:  I’m guessing that the tank is a Chi-Ha Type 97.


6 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Movie Shots Previewed

  1. Good update, and you’re right on target with the tank ID Bear. That’s the Type 97 Chi-ha alright (see this picture).

    FYI I – I found a little more information on our new bishoujo commander here

    Edit: Not official (AFAIK), but a nice pic of Nishi Kinuyo nonetheless IMO

    Full Size: here

  2. wooo found this site from Random Curiosity, I think.
    While I’m not a military “otaku” I certainly appreciate and enjoy a well done show.
    I absolutely LOVED GuP and frantically wiki’d the tanks and name drops which I found truly enjoyable. While not a total war buff I certainly love historical adaptations or at the very least anime’s that take fact and history into account and don’t totally blow them up with all sort of crazy. Tactics, improvisations…./droooool

    I am currently reading Armor and Blood by Dennis Showalter and it’s a fascinating take on Kursk, admittedly my first historical war non-fiction. It’s a little tough to read as I said not a total war buff (is there a site that lists what a typical size of a division, platoon, army, corps, fleet etc are? Cause I have hard time visualizing sizes without reference).

    I see you also review books which is very cool and I;ve seen some anime here that I’ve never seen and am now adding to the “To View” list. Very happy I found this site. Bookmarked!

    • @miaminights: As Bear wrote, welcome to the site and glad to know you’re enjoying the content. If you like Girls und Panzer, you’ve certainly come to the right place as both Bear and I are big fans of the series as you can tell.

      WWII books can be a bit of a tough read initially. Even after reading 25 books or so, I still find some WWII books a bit “dry” or not entirely clear in presentation. Reading an oral history book is a nice change of pace once in a while. Plus it gives you a personal perspective beyond the statistics. FYI, a couple of books that I haven’t mentioned/reviewed (behind on that >_>), but I think are good overview single volume books are Weinberg’s A World at Arms, Hart’s A History of the Second World War and Costello’s The Pacific War.

      Quick note about the chart Bear linked. In terms of command, don’t take the listings as absolute. For example, a Lt. General may command an Army or a Master Sgt. a platoon. Of course for tanks the numbers are much smaller. A typical late war (1944) US tank battalion had around 53 medium tanks (M4 Shermans) in three companys & HQ section plus a 4th company of 17 light tanks (M3 & M5 Stuarts or even M24 Chaffees) though light tanks were often intermixed by platoon with medium tanks.

      Lastly, I second what Bear said about the links on the right side under the “Military Sites” heading. Some of those sites are quite useful when trying to gather information about various tanks or other hardware.

  3. Welcome. Thanks for commenting. Hope we provide some added enjoyment to the show that got this blog started. For unit sizes here is one reference:

    You might also want to browse some of the sites under Military Sites to supplement your reading. Really helps sometimes to understand what they’re talking about. Of course Wikipedia is a good starting point too.

    You might consider adding yourself as a follower which you can do by clicking the button near the top of the sidebar. Then you’ll get notified when we get something new up.

    • You have certainly added a great deal to my GuP enjoyment, thank you very much. In fact I’m getting myself prepped to watch the entire cour again. =D
      Thanks for the link, really really really helps! I will certainly give those links aunder Military Sites a gander.
      Followed as well 😉
      Looking forward to more posts!

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