Girls und Panzer Movie Trailer Out!

Ran across this by accident:

Definitely after the Nationals since we see Miho in the upgraded Panzer IV and the Hertzer. Oarai appears to have the same number of tanks from the National finals. Looks like the Hertzer and StuG are setting up for an ambush in one scene. It also looks like at least one battle is against Gloriana (Darjeeling!) and it appears to be an actual match. We also see the scene where the still came from of Nishi Kinuyo and her Chi-Ha 97 but it’s not clear which team she belongs to. Can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Movie Trailer Out!

  1. Nice find bear. 😀 Could be wrong, but IMO it’s pretty clear that Nishi Kinuyo and her Chi-Ha Type 97 is the 9th Oarai tank/team. Wonder what the tank mascot is? In the short segment with all the tanks moving in formation, you can tell it’s Oarai, and there are nine tanks. Plus, what other school would have IJA tanks?

    The OVA was fun, but I hope we get a more serious match this time around. Also hope that St. Gloriana’s brings a couple cruiser tanks.

    • I miscounted. AFA another school having IJA tanks, I looked at the Wiki and someone actually came up with the names of the other schools from the bracket. Turns out there is another school that is probably pure IJA.

      From the Wiki:

      Chi-Ha Tan Academy : Japanese themed academy; defeated by Kuromorimine in the first round. Their commander was revealed to be Kunuyo Nishi, who will be a possible future character

      • Thanks for the info. So… Kunuyo Nishi and her tank (O.o) transfer to Oarai to give Oarai nine tanks/TDs overall? The mystery deepens….

        Feel kind of bad for Chi-Ha Tan Academy. A school with nothing but Type 97 Chi-ha tanks is not going to make it far in the tournament. TBH, I was hoping Oarai would end up with a better tank that a Type 97. At least give them a Type 1 Chi-He if not a Type 4 (if not a good non IJA tank. How about an SU-100 TD?).

  2. @miaminights

    Not silly at all! Questions and comments are always welcome.

    Yes TD stands for Tank Destroyer. The StuG III, Hertzer, and the Semovente are all considered TD’s. All three lack turrets since they’re cheaper to build that way and have a lower profile. You’ll also see some with open top turrets like the American M10 Wolverine and M18 Hellcat. TD can also refer to towed artillery pieces like the dual purpose German 88 that are used in an antitank role.

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