Kancolle Anime Scheduled To Air In Winter 2015 Season

Bad news for Kancolle fans. The anime adaptation is now scheduled to air during the Winter 2015 season rather than Fall 2014 season as fans had hoped.  More ship girls have been shown in released images, and a PV (below) was released as well . Additional information here.

Big thanks to flaze35 for the tip on the PV.


9 thoughts on “Kancolle Anime Scheduled To Air In Winter 2015 Season

  1. Aww man…I’ll be out of the country for the majority of the winter 2015 season.

    Oh well…on the bright side, I can just marathon it. Assuming of course, it is a one cour season.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up daikama.

  2. @rifulofthewest: Your welcome. 😀 Sorry to hear you might not be able to watch the entire season as it airs (assuming there isn’t further delay). I’m glad to see that Kongo ♥ appears to be in the anime desu! There are eight ship girls in that anime promo image. I certainly don’t expect all 100+ ship girls to make it, but hopefully more will be included in the anime than just those eight.

    *sigh* Winter 2015 is a long ways off. I’m very tempted to try and play the game.

    • Yay for Kongo!

      So wait…there’s a game? Very interesting…

      Do you know what kind of game? RPG/tactical? Galge/Visual Novel?…or perhaps an eroge 😛

      • @rifulofthewest: Oh yeah, the whole series is based upon a web browser game. There’s like 130 or so ship girls. It’s sort of light strategy. You pick one of five DDs to start with, then start doing a lot of mini “quests” to build your fleet. You can find ship girls and unlock ship girl designs to build more. You have to do raw material runs and stock pile – not only supply the fleet you have, but also for building other ship girls and equipment (including special types of ammo). There are no detailed recipe per se – its a guesstimate type thing and a lot of trial and error. Even if you got the right formula, it’s still up to RNG (random number goddess plays a role) whether you get the ship girl you want or not. Same goes for other items. You can upgrade ship equipment (anything from guns to radar to stats), and the ship girls along with the admiral (you) level up as well.

        After getting through the initial stuff, you start unlocking areas and begin to battle the “deep fleet” I think there are five maps right now with sections for each map (ex. 3-4 = Map 3, Area 4). That’s pretty much it. Go on quests, build your fleet, do supply runs, and battle the deep fleet. A lot of quests are non-battle types. It may be a fetch quest or just having a certain combination of ships sortie (e.g. all Kongo class ships). The battles are pretty much RNG – no first person shooter. The strategy centers around supply management (certain ships consume a LOT of various resource and the RNG ship building eat up resources), fleet composition and upgrade/equipment choices, and the ships you select for each sortie. There are various fleet formations you can choose as well (I think four, but really only two are worthwhile). Once you select the ships for sortie (including equipment) and the formation, battles are determined by computer/RNG. The comments I’ve read are primarily that the game isn’t quite as simple as it looks.

        It’s supposed to be a very fun, addicting game. Maybe too addicting for me *goes MIA from Panzers Vor due to playing Kancolle* It’s free to play, though you can buy extra items if you want. There are some downsides though for non Japanese players. One, it’s all in Japanese though I suppose you can just memorize the screens and the ship girl pictures help a LOT for figuring out who is who. That’s not an insurmountable issue, but certainly one that makes me a bit hesitant. Two, you must have a Japanese IP address = a proxy for those outside Japan. Another issue is that the game is really popular. You have to go through a “lottery” to get a spot on the server. There’s a trick to that, but you still need to be around a certain time of day, each day, and keep trying until you get a spot.

        As for an eroge version… O.O umm…. no comment 😛

    • @flaze35: THANKS for posting that! 😀 Ya know… that didn’t look too bad at all – at least IMO. Seems there will be some action to go along with the comedy (which I do expect a good amount) What are your thoughts about the Kancolle PV?

      • Visuals looked good but I’m sooo confused about what the show is going to be about. lol The weird alien thing coming out of the water at 1:40 reminds me of the enemies in Sky Girls.

        • @flaze35: Agree, it does look good visually – quite similar to the game vids/screen shots I’ve seen as well as the manga I’ve read (e.g. the arrow turning into planes). Just hope the budget holds out. I also liked the BMG. Be great if that was in the anime.

          As for the “weird alien thing” – which one? LOL Both are part of the “Deep Fleet”. Per my comment above to rifulofthewest about the game, the Deep Fleet is the enemy you fight with your ship girls. Like the ship girls, there are various classes that correspond to actual ship classes. So for example, the “Wo-class” is a Deep Fleet “standard” aircraft carrier (CV). Some of the Deep Fleet are kind of demon looking ship-girls such as the girl with red eyes in the PV. Those girl type Deep Fleet ships are usually bosses, or capital ships (battleships (BB), CV) though also true for some other classes such as heavy cruisers (CA) and subs (SS). Lower level, “small fry” stuff like Deep Fleet destroyers (DD) and light cruisers (CL) are “pure monster” looking ones. That alien fish looking thing was probably a Deep Fleet DD.

          Hope this helps to clear things up a bit.

        • haha Thanks. I’ve never played KanKolle (never made the effort to figure out how to access it).

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