Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 1 – PV 2


W-What is Barkhorn wearing!?  A maido outfit!?  XD Have to say, the first Operation Victory Arrow OVA is looking quite good based on the PVs.


11 thoughts on “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 1 – PV 2

    • There are a lot of references in the story to WWII in the names of the characters, the weapons and the leg units (which have markings and similarities to WWII aircraft). So a character from a country that represents Japan might fly Zero based leg units and from America a P51 based unit while firing a BAR for examples. If you’re curious you might want to check out the link to the Strike Witches Wiki in the sidebar.

  1. Looks good. Ok, Barkhorn is wearing a meido outfit, but I did I forget someone? Who is the stacked silver haired girl with the glasses and the black and white outfit??

    Oh, and what about that dual bomber configuration? Not an F-82. German?

  2. @miaminights: The “leg thrusters” are “striker units” which are the “modern version of a witch’s flying broom”. Like the characters, they have their own WWII counterparts. So Karlsland (i.e. Germany) witches have Me109 and FW190 based striker units. A Liberion (i.e. US) witch may have a “North Liberion P51D” striker unit. [Edit: Bear beat me to the punch on this. *shakes fist at Bear*]

    The series is actually good IMO, though there’s a lot of fanservice (both season one and two are NSFW). Still, there IS a story beyond the fanservice. I liked Season 1 quite a bit though I didn’t think the ending was quite up to par. You might give Strike Witches Season One a “3 or 4 Episode Rule” test. If you do, let us know if you liked it. 😀

    @ Bear: The “healthy” girl with white hair and glasses is Heidemarie W. Schnaufer from Karlsland. She was in the Strike Witches movie.

    • I gave it the 4 episode treatment but could not continue. I found the pacing iffy (second episode she’s already pwning the Neuroi) and script lacking. Her flip flop from pacifist to killer pilot took about 34 mins. I would have appreciated a stronger moral core from the main protagonist.

      And the fan service was too strong for this anime viewer. I don’t mind kawaii poses and upskirt shots here and there, but this is on another level and the show almost (not entirely) revolves around them. Is it an action show or panties show?

      • @miaminights: The fan service is an issue for some, including some fans of the series. One of those YMMV deals I think as others are fine with it (or like it). Interestingly, the movie really didn’t have much in the way of fanservice. I do disagree with you about Yoshika doing a “flip-flop” in terms of personality though. It’s pretty clear to me that her reason for ultimately deciding to fight the Neuroi is two fold – a desire to protect and a sense of duty to do what she can with her powers which was instilled in her by her dad. Both a “desire to protect” and “doing what you can” are major themes of the series.

        Anyway, sorry to read it didn’t work out for you and appreciate you giving the show a shot.

        • heheh first time I’ve ever seen acronym YMMV. I get the “desire to protect” trope but I wish they would have made the inner struggle last longer. But that’s impossible seeing as she can handle the strike units and cannon so well at first attempt.

          Anyhow gotta give a show a chance before rendering the verdict! On to the next one~

  3. @miaminights: Sorry to hear it wasn’t your cup of tea. I actually wasn’t that interested when I first watched it. Dropped it after a few episodes. I did go back and found I had developed a taste for it though. Same thing happened to me with Sora no Woto, though I liked Strike Witches better overall. YMMV.

    • What’s this Sora no Woto?? Just had a look at the wikipedia plot and it seems rather interesting (I currently reside in Spain to seeing the main city is inspired by Cuenca is pretty cool). Gonna have to give this one a go.

      • If you find you like Sora no Woto (or didn’t) and would like to have a discussion when you finish it, you can use the Contact menu item at the top of the page to drop us a line.

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