Military Comedy 4-Koma Manga “Military!” Gets Anime Adaptation

Military! vol. 01 cover

Military! vol. 01 cover

The success of Girls und Panzer has not gone unnoticed in the anime community.  Recently, it was announced that the manga series Military! will receive an anime adaptation.  The 4-Koma manga’s story revolves around an ordinary otaku high school boy, Souhei Yano, who is believed to be the savior of a troubled world with two nations at war.  One day, two female soldiers from the Principality of Krakozhia, Lieutenant Rtgalnikov and Second Lieutenant Haruka, suddenly appear in their tanks as his guards and hilarity ensues.

OK, I confess. I added the last three words.  Still, from what I did read about the series, the focus does seem to be squarely on comedy more than anything else so I’m not expecting another Girls und Panzer here.  That’s fine with me since I like a good comedy show (presuming it actually is funny).  And yes, I do plan to give the show a try when it airs. 😛

Additional information here and here.


4 thoughts on “Military Comedy 4-Koma Manga “Military!” Gets Anime Adaptation

  1. Is the title a play on “Military”?
    Anyhow the cover art looks fun. No word on release from those links. UNless i missed it entirely.

    • Actually, みりたり is a phonetic representation of military (mi ri ta ri) in hiragana, so it’s just the Japanese borrowing an English word.

  2. @miaminights: I had the same thought regarding the word play for the title. As for a broadcast date – no clue. The anime was recently announced so my guess is at the earliest Spring 2015 though Summer 2015 is more likely IMO.

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