Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majotachi – Summary Review

Strike Witches – Katayoku no Majotachi (or “One-Winged Witches”) is a two-volume long manga series published in Comp Ace magazine. In terms of timeline, the story takes place parallel to the first season of the anime and details Britannia’s Sergeant Wilma Bishop’s (Lynette Bishop’s older sister) experiences when she joins the Isle of Wight Detachment Group. The story describes the development of Wilma’s relationship with the other members of her squadron: commander Flying Officer Kadomaru Misa (Fuso), Pilot Officer Laura Toth (Ostmark), Pilot Officer Francie Gerard (Liberion), and Sergeant Amelie Planchard (Gallia).  In addition to Wilma, a couple other characters have a connection to some of the witches in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Foreground: Sergeant Wilma Bishop.  Background (left to right): Flying Officer Kadomaru Misa, Pilot Officer Laura Toth, Pilot Officer Francie Gerard, Sergeant Amelie Planchard.

Foreground: Sergeant Wilma Bishop. Background (left to right): Flying Officer Kadomaru Misa,
Pilot Officer Laura Toth, Pilot Officer Francie Gerard, Sergeant Amelie Planchard.

First, this a NSFW manga so keep that in mind. There is plenty of fanservice similar to both seasons of the anime (e.g. expect a lot of bath scenes).  Overall, I found this manga similar to season one of the anime in that each witch in the squadron has their own “mini-arc”.  In this case, Wilma plays the wise “onee-sama” role as she helps the others overcome their personal difficulties while encouraging the group to bond as a whole.  Overall, I think Katayoku no Majotachi integrates well with the Strike Witches anime. However, in my opinion the quality of the stories didn’t quite match up to the anime’s first season’s standards.  At two volumes (14 chapters), the series is short and that brevity doesn’t allow for much character depth and development or substantial plot lines.  Franky, Katayoku no Majotachi  reads as more supplemental rather than something which truly stands on its own such as the Soumus Misfits Squadron light novels or even Rei 1937 Fusou Kaijihen manga.

If you liked either or both seasons of the Strike Witches anime, I think you’ll enjoy reading Katayoku no Majotachi, but those new to Strike Witches or casual fans of the franchise may want to look to elsewhere first such as the anime, movie or the other two series mentioned above.

You can read this manga here: Batoto – Strike Witches Katayoku no Majotachi


8 thoughts on “Strike Witches: Katayoku no Majotachi – Summary Review

  1. As far as I’m concerned, Fuso Sea Incident is the best Strike Witches manga in existence at the moment. If they decided to adapt Fuso Sea Incident into an anime, I’d be thrilled. They’d definitely have to add a lot more content to make it a full, 12 episode series (easily done, considering all the small time skips). Otherwise, it’d make great material for a couple of OVAs.

    I know you didn’t ask, but if you’re interested in other manga, these are my opinions on them. One Winged witches was okay. It takes place during season 1 and it’s interesting how they connect the two.
    Aurora no Majo takes place in Suomus, sometime before season 1 (I’m guessing around 1942/43). Probably the best part of Aurora no Majo is the flashback of Eila’s sister, Aurora, as a tank witch, fighting land Neuroi without her striker units. It has a very brief appearance of the Suomus Misfits Squadron.

    Kurenai no Majotachi takes place in 1944, when the 504th is being created. It’s my second favorite Strike Witches manga. Any manga I haven’t mentioned here either aren’t worth reading, or are difficult/impossible to find online. If you can find them, the Afrika doujins are worth reading.

    The Sky That Connects Us isn’t amazing, but I chose to buy it because it connects the two seasons, and it didn’t feel right not to own it, when I have both BD sets.
    Fuso Sea Incident (Strike Witches 0)>Kurenai no Majotachi>Aurora no Majo=One Winged Witches (Katayoku no Majotachi)>The Sky That Connects Us (Strike Witches 1.5/Kimi To Tsunagaru Sora).

    It’s not like there’s a huge difference in writing quality between the manga (except for maybe Fuso Sea Incident). I rank Kurenai a little higher because I feel as though I learned more about the SW universe from it, than the other three. Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora is a little lower because it is basically a compilation of short stories that don’t add too much to the overall story of the 501st (similar to how the Steins;Gate movie was unnecessary, but appreciated by fans all the same).

    Sorry for rambling. I don’t get to talk about Strike Witches much with other people.

    [daikama – restored! Found a copy in my e-mail notifications]

    • @flaze35: Sorry for the delayed reply (and for the miscue with moving your comment – if you want to post what was cut off/ redo the last paragraph + whatever, please do so and we’ll fix/combine them).

      Haven’t read Aurora no Majo or Kurenai no Majo-tachi so I appreciate you mentioning those. I have read The Fusou Sea Incident, One Wing Witches (of course) and Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora (The Sky that Connects Us). Of those, I’d agree with your ranking though honestly I can’t remember if One Wing Witches was that much better than The Sky that Connects Us. Definitely agree that The Fusou Sea Incident is the best of those three.

      As I’ve mentioned before, I also liked Strike Witches -Suomus Iran-ko Chuutai (Soumus Misfits Squadron) light novels quite a bit. Unfortunately, translation has stopped in early vol 03. Much more unfortunately, the series is unfinished (vol. 03 the last one) due to the author’s death. 😦 Read the first 4 chapters of Tenkou no Otometachi which I though was comparatively pretty good. Not as good as Fusou Sea Incident, but at least on par with some of the of the others. That series is complete (2 volumes), but only 4 chapters TL into English as far as I know.

      • No problem about the comment. It still has most of the important stuff anyway. Go ahead and delete that last unfinished sentence if you want.

        One Winged Witches wasn’t amazing, but I ranked it higher than The Sky that Connects Us, only because it had a plot (and PLOT but that’s another story) rather than side stories. My ranking of Kurenai may be biased more than the others because it has some of my favorite witches (Federica Doglio, Patricia Schade, Angela Larrazabal).

        I haven’t made much effort to read Suomus Misfits Squadron for precisely those two details you mentioned: lack of translations, and the death of the author (knowing it won’t be finished makes it hard to work up the motivation). I’ll probably pick it up eventually, but LN’s have never been much of a priority for me. The only LN’s I’ve ever read are Amagi Brilliant Park and Sword Art Online (I regret it). I may be forgetting one or two more. It’s not like I have a problem with reading, I just prefer having pictures or voice acting (which is why I enjoy VNs). But like I said, I’ll probably get to it one of these days (during a slow anime season).

        Also, the Strike Witches OVA (raw) is out. Watching it as I type this.

        • Strike Witches OVA was pretty good. I think I enjoyed the other 2 more though. After the credits, it had a very short scene of Eila/Sanya/Nipa/Pokryshkin, followed by a very short scene of Sakamoto. It basically leads into the movie. I’m confused by the “to be continued” at the end of the OVA though. Do they mean to be continued in the third season following the 502nd (the next animated work), continued in the movie (chronological), or continued in a future work (chronological unannounced work)?

          In other news, Kancolle Kai game was delayed again. D:

        • @flaze35: Glad the 3rd SW OVA is out. 😀 Too bad you didn’t think it was quite as good as the others, but still sounds like it was at least somewhat fun to watch. Nice that they made some effort into connecting the OVAs to the movie. Your guess is as good as mine on the “to be continued part”. You could take it as chronological – i.e next up, the movie. Speaking of the movie, I thought the “to be continued” there was for the 501st. Movie sure ended in a “to be continued” way, yet Season 3 isn’t about the 501st.

          Fair enough about the manga rankings though I need to read the other two (keep forgetting to do that >_<). As for Suomus Misfits Squadron squadron, it's really unfortunate the author died. Still, what's there (and translated) is an enjoyable read for SW fans IMO. You might give a shot. As for SAO – LOL. I read the first LN/arc. I leave it at that. I haven't read Amagi LN. I might trying since I liked the anime.

          As for KanColle Kai, I really don’t get why that is having so much trouble since from what I’ve seen it’s just the game adapted to PS Vita with some updated, but not impressive graphics. Maybe they are trying to figure out how to have things like events with KanColle Kai.

        • The 3rd OVA is certainly enjoyable, but I’m just not a Perrine fan. I’m sure Perrine fans will love it though.

          The Himeuta Movie CD for Yoshika, Mio, and Shizuka takes place immediately after the movie ends, if you’re interested. If you can’t find a translation for it, I could type a rough translation for it here, since I own all 5 (no guarantee it’s 100% correct though).

          Unlike a lot of the fanbase (well, the two on 4chan anyway), I wouldn’t mind a series or OVA(s) continuing the 501st’s story. Heck I’d settle for just one OVA that shows a compilation of how the 2nd Neuroi War ended. I just want some closure.

          Hopefully Kancolle Kai doesn’t get delayed again; I was considering buying it (although if it involves constant updates for events, I might not, because getting updates in America for a Japanese game is a huge pain, and sometimes impossible). Meanwhile, I’m going to keep trying to get a Kancolle account. I must do it for Bismarck.

        • @flaze35: To be honest, I’m not the biggest Perrine fan either. Still want to watch OVA vol. 03 though. As for the The Himeuta Movie CD, I’ll make a note of that and see what I can find. Probably some English TL for that somewhere. If not, I’ll let you know and I do appreciate the offer. 😀 Completely agree with you about the 501st. On the one hand it is nice to have other JFW, but I like the 501st, and yeah, the movie didn’t provide much closure at all.

          Not sure what to say about KanColle Kai. They just keep delaying that. As for KanColle, pretty sure it’s still open registration on the new server = no lottery! So if you want to play, then now’s the time to at least get an account. Summer Event starts in about 8 days. Depending upon when you start/how much you play, etc., you might even try a map or two on “Easy” difficulty. There are people who have joined a week or so before an event and cleared an event map. You get prizes for that (plus usually a good place to grind for ships) so it’s worth taking a shot if you’ve played a decent amount leading up to the event.

          I recommend reading the Registration Guide, and Newbie Guide along with relevant KC Wiki pages. There’s a surprising amount to learn for the game so take some time to go over how combat works, sorties, expeditions, etc. I can help as well if you want. As for building Bismarck – good luck. She’s an “LSC” ship.

        • Thanks for letting me know about Kancolle. Didn’t realize I didn’t need to do the lottery process. I have a question: what does it mean when one of the girl’s cards is sparkling?

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