Unofficial KanColle Videos

Thought I would share a couple unofficial KanColle videos I like.

This is very well done IMO.  It features a good number of the KanColle ship girls and Deep Fleet characters set to Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova OP Savior of Song. For those not familiar with the game, I think it gives viewers a pretty good idea of the variety of ship girls/Deep Fleet members though it’s far from comprehensive.  FYI – all character images are from the game.


Same video as above (except for a small in-game edition around 3:09),  but set to Black Veil Brides’ In the End (also a great song IMO)

Finally, a more recent video (April, 2014) which shows the vast majority of the ship girls currently in the game (including kai and kai-ni versions) along with more Deep Fleet ships.


4 thoughts on “Unofficial KanColle Videos

  1. Oh I agree on it being well done, whole heartedly. Savior of Song was a perfect choice. BTW, did you notice the cameo right towards the end of Haruna from Arpeggio?

    Ah, Kongo the “Battleship of Your Heart” to paraphrase Maya?

  2. It helps that the track is Nano’s Savior of Song =P
    I missed the Haruna cameo, what min?
    But seriously speaking cute girls as naval weapons of war….Kawaii.
    Carnival Dayo!!!

  3. @Bear: I did notice the quick cameo with ❤ Takao, I-401 (Iona), Haruna and Kirishima from Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio anime. Last winter, the KanColle game held a Christmas 2013 special event collaboration between it and Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova anime. The special event featured several Fleet of Fog (FoF) ships: Iona, Takao, Maya, Kirishima, Haruna, Kongo and an FoF light cruiser (CL), though only Iona, Takao, Haruna were playable. All the FoF ships were event-only ships and removed from the game when the event ended. Players who completed the event received the KanColle version of I-401.

    And yeah, ❤ KanColle Kongo. She’s a fun, upbeat character. Of course with KanColle there are so many potential waifus that it’s best to take a “fleet” approach IMO. 😉


    @miaminights: Agree with you and Bear about Savior of Song. Really like that song and probably wouldn’t like the video as much if it used different BMG.

    The Arpeggio Ars Nova character cameo is at the 3:56 minute mark. It’s really quick so you have to pay attention.

  4. Argh! I didn’t catch the three behind Haruna! Kirishima, speaking of “Battleship of my Heart”. Well, maybe when the manga finishes they’ll do an anime of the original story. And the mangaka better return Kirishima to her original MM or I will curse him.

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