KanColle Anime Character Update

Well, I suppose the anime’s character list was looking a little sparse with no cruisers.  That’s now fixed.  All three Sendai class light cruisers (CL) are confirmed for the anime – Sendai, Jintsu and Naka. But wait, that’s not all!  Though character designs are not up on the official KanColle anime website (yet), two more ship girls have been confirmed –  lolis destroyers (DD) Hibiki and Akatsuki.  That raises the total of confirmed anime ship girls so far to 14: 3 BB, 2 CV, 3 CL and 6 DD.  There’s a lot of time left until the Winter 2015 anime season so certainly possible for other ship girls to be added to the anime’s list of characters (e.g. still no heavy cruisers (CA), light carriers (CVL), etc.).

NOTE:  I did not add images to this post because I will update the Kantai Collection – Franchise and Anime Primer as news about the anime adaptation is released.  That way, all the information is in one place.


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