Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol.2 – PV 1

First PV for Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Volume 2 is out and… well, there’s not much to it, especially if you have looked at the released screen caps (see Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 2 Aegean Umi no Megami News post). Still, nice to know that work on the second OVA is progressing. That being said, I would like more information about the third season of the anime. There’s been a dearth of news on that for quite some time.


KanColle Anime Character Update 3.5

[Updated 9/26/14]  Rather than make another new posts since this was just published, I’ll edit/update this one.  I’m now reading comments (confirmed?) that there will be FORTY (40) ship girls in the anime.  Also, there will be some theme episodes such as one focusing on the Kongou (class) sisters, an episode on Yamato (of course), and one on IJN Destroyer Division 6 (all four Akatsuki class DDs) which is most likely a reference to a quest in the game.

As of this update, Atago (CA), Zuikaku (CV), Kitakami (CL/CLT?), and Ooi (CL/CLT?) are confirmed raising the current total number of ship girls in the anime 21, leaving 19(!?) more to go if that 40 total comment is correct.   I’m still guessing that if Zuikaku’s in, Shokaku (CV) is also in, and if Atago is in, then Takao (CA) will be in as well.  I’m also anticipating at least a couple of CVL (hoping Jun’you is one of them) and subs in the anime.  Lastly, progress on the adaptation is said to be going well. The script is finished, and a second PV is scheduled to be released in the next month or two.

FYI – Atago official anime image added to the KanColle Primer. Have to say, anime Atago looks quite good – better than her game character image in my opinion. I will add official images for the others when available.

KanColle Anime Character Update 2

Quick update about additional ship girls making it into the KanColle anime adaptation.  Battleship (BB) Mutsu (sister ship of BB Nagato) and cute loli Destroyers (DD) Ikatsuchi and Inazuma (both Akatsuki class DDs and sister ships of Akatsuki and Hibiki) will be in the anime.  That brings the current anime ship-girl count to 17 with still no sign of heavy cruiser (CA) or light aircraft carrier (CVL) ship girls. :/

I get that producers want to satisfy at least a good portion of fans who all want to see their favorite ship girl waifu in the anime, but assuming that the anime is set for a one-cour, 12-13 episode run (and there’s no reason thus far to think otherwise), that doesn’t allow much time for character introduction/depth/development for an increasing number of characters..   No clue whether this is it for the list of anime ship girls or not, but if there are more ship girls to be featured in the anime, I hope they represent ship classes not yet included (e.g. CA or CVL).

Update: Official KanColle anime character images for all 17 ship girls have been added to the KanColle Primer so please view that post if you want to see them.

Strike Witches Season One – Review

Series Introduction

1944 – The war against the mysterious alien Neuroi rages on… In an alternative world where magic exists, nations around the world have put their differences aside to fight the Neuroi threat. Spearheading the resistance are young witches gathered from across the globe. Flying through the skies via “Striker Units” (mecha plane-like “leggings” powered by a witch’s magic) and equipped various WWII era weaponry (e.g. MG 42, Type 99 20mm cannon, BAR, and Browning .30 or .50 cal MG), these brave witches represent humanity’s last hope against the technologically advanced Neuroi. Strike Witches Season One opens with an introduction to our main protagonist, Yoshika Miyafuji (from Fuso – analogous to Japan), who is the daughter of the late Dr. Miyafuji, inventor of the Striker Unit. After experiencing the Neuroi threat first hand, Yoshika accepts second-in-command Squadron Leader Mio Sakamoto’s (Fuso) invitation to join the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

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