KanColle Anime Character Update 2

Quick update about additional ship girls making it into the KanColle anime adaptation.  Battleship (BB) Mutsu (sister ship of BB Nagato) and cute loli Destroyers (DD) Ikatsuchi and Inazuma (both Akatsuki class DDs and sister ships of Akatsuki and Hibiki) will be in the anime.  That brings the current anime ship-girl count to 17 with still no sign of heavy cruiser (CA) or light aircraft carrier (CVL) ship girls. :/

I get that producers want to satisfy at least a good portion of fans who all want to see their favorite ship girl waifu in the anime, but assuming that the anime is set for a one-cour, 12-13 episode run (and there’s no reason thus far to think otherwise), that doesn’t allow much time for character introduction/depth/development for an increasing number of characters..   No clue whether this is it for the list of anime ship girls or not, but if there are more ship girls to be featured in the anime, I hope they represent ship classes not yet included (e.g. CA or CVL).

Update: Official KanColle anime character images for all 17 ship girls have been added to the KanColle Primer so please view that post if you want to see them.


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