KanColle Anime PV 2 & Story Outline Out

The second PV for KanColle Anime is out, and this time it’s a “slice of life” (SOL) view of the show.  I spotted a few characters not yet up on the official site and/or mentioned previously: Ashigara (CA), Tone (CA), Kisaragi (DD) and Samidare (DD).  On a personal note, I was gad to see Samidare in the anime since she was my choice as my first ship when I started to play the game (sorry Fubuki XD ).  I’m not entirely sure, but I think I saw Asashio (DD) as well.

Overall, like the first PV, I thought the second PV was quite good.  Nice visual quality, attention to detail and liked the new background music as well.  This may turn out to have a very nice OST.  Certainly from a KanColle game player’s standpoint there were plenty of “Easter eggs”, and I couldn’t help but LOL at a few scenes even without subtitles.  The school setting makes sense given Fubuki’s leading role (same setting used for Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! manga).  So far so good, and it’s getting harder for me to temper expectations.  The anime air date was delayed, but it does seem that creators are using the extra time wisely.

That’s just my opinion though, and I’m quite interested to read what others think of the second PV – including those who haven’t played the game.  I didn’t get the impression that one needs to play the game to enjoy watching the anime from either PV, but hard from me to be objective on that.

According to AnimeNewsNetwork, the anime’s story will be as follows:

… in a world where humanity has lost control of the seas. The threat that has taken over the seas is the “deep sea fleet.” The only ones who can counter this threat are Kan-musume (literally, warship girls), girls who possess the spirit of naval vessels from days gone by.

The base for the fleet arrayed against the “deep sea fleet” is Chinjufu. There, many various Kan-musume have gathered to live together and work hard everyday in training and other matters. One day, a Kan-musume arrives at Chinjufu, She is a special class of destroyer. Her name is Fubuki. “I am Fubuki! Nice to meet you!” Fubuki’s story — as well as the Kan-musume’s story — begins now.

So pretty much as expected – something similar to Strike Witches: a mix of action/battles and “slice of life” (SOL) moments with the story centered around a rookie recruit.   The reason/background behind the kanmasu-deep fleet war does remind one of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio as well. So while the story’s underlying premise may be nothing new, it has worked for other series and certainly can work for KanColle anime as well.

Minor technical issue/FYI – Built from 1926-1933, the Fubuki-class destroyers were the most advanced destroyers in the world at that time. So advanced and better performing over the prior IJN destroyer class (the Mutsuki-class) that they were designated Special Type destroyers (特型 Tokugata).  So in this case, “special class” or “special type” does not mean some sort of non-standard, specialized class of destroyers like a Torpedo Cruiser (CLT) would be compared to light cruiser (CLT).

Lastly, as always, I’ll be updating the KanColle Primer as news/official character designs are released so make sure to check that periodically.


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