“Military!” Anime Scheduled to Air Winter 2015 Season

Miritari Anime News-02

T-that was fast.  Announced in July, the 4-Koma manga based anime is scheduled to air next season (Winter 2015).  Staff and cast were recently announced so it seems that production is moving along according to schedule.  More details here and here.

Depending upon one’s point of view, there is some potential bad news, however. The anime is likely (if not already confirmed) to to be a “short”.  It may turn out fine, but I really haven’t had much luck with anime shorts (i.e. 5 minutes or so long including any OP/ED).  I can understand that the source material may not be well suited for full length episode adaptation (though other 4-koma mangas have been successfully adapted into full episode length anime), but there is the option of a 1/2 length episode format (13 min. including OP/ED).  I’ve watched a couple of series using that format,  and I thought it worked quite well for them.

While I am a little disappointed regarding the apparent short format, I still plan to check out Miritari! anime.  No reason not to do so – especially if it only takes a few minutes. I like comedies, and the anime could end up better than expected.


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