KanColle Anime Update 5

With the KanColle anime adaptation set to air on January 8th, anticipation for the anime certainly appears to be quite strong with BD/DVD presales topping Amazon charts.   A recent promotional CM for BD/DVD vol. 01 shows even more ship-girls (Kanmusu) featured in the anime though the official site’s character list remains at 22 total.   Hopefully the large character list (including cameo appearances) will not be overwhelming for anime-only viewers.  Lastly, I’ve read comments that a small insert in a magazine promotional for the KanColle anime stated that the anime will be 70% “slice of life” (SOL) and 30% action/battle scenes.  That’s a pretty fair ratio in my opinion, especially if that lets the production staff budget high quality action scenes.

[UPDATE: 12/27] A quick check of the official site has one addition to the cast – Zuikaku (CV). No surprise here since she was in anime promotional ads. Reportedly, Zuikaku is a favorite of the anime’s director as well.  Still, hard to imagine “Ms. Fortune” without “Ms. Misfortune” (i.e. Shokaku (or sometimes spelled Shoukaku)), so I’m hoping Shokaku makes it into the anime as well.

As always, more information about the KanColle anime (including all official site character images) and the franchise in general can be found in the KanColle Primer.


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