Military! Ep. 01 – Summary Review

I previously posted that I have not had much luck with 3-5 min anime shorts. It’s a very hit and run presentation. If any momentum in the story is actually achieved, it’s usually wasted because by the time it happens the episode is over. However, that’s just my opinion as obviously some people like them. Plus, that type of format can work for comedy – a few quick jokes and out (assuming at least some of the jokes are actually funny).

With a total length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, Military! is definitely an anime short. Factoring in OP/ED/next episode preview stuff, and we are left with 2 minutes and 50 seconds of content. Unsurprisingly, the presentation was fairly frenetic with jokes fired off one after another before a quick cut to some comedy-like action, then back to more jokes and out.

One of the best jokes in my opinion was when after catching a glimpse of Haruka’s panties, Shouhei (male lead) mumbled “rabbit panties…” to which Haruka exclaimed “Leave it! Rabbits are the hunters of the forest!” OK, not comedy genius, but worth a chuckle from me. After that, the next “joke” was Haruka threatening Shouhei with a hand grenade saying “…the only option is to blow away the last 30 minutes of memory.” Shouhei then shouts “That’ll definitely blow away more than just my memory!” …LOL? If you have to explain the joke, well, it’s probably not a good one. Maybe the explanation was the joke. I’m not sure. The characters were OK and the chibi designs appropriate for what this is. There’s even a simple story to tie everything together… I think.

So was it good? For me it was “meh”/OK. I got one small laugh plus maybe a quiet smile here and there, but I didn’t find the humor outrageously funny by any means. My recommendation pretty much mirrors what I wrote before in one of the previous series news posts. It’s three minutes, so if this type of show appeals to you, no reason not to give it a try. Humor is subjective so others might find it funnier (or less funny to be fair) than I did. Personally, I’m kind of on the fence as to whether I’ll watch Ep. 02. I got a chuckle or two from Ep. 01, so yeah, why not? After all, it’s only three minutes.

[Update]  I watched the second episode, and… this is not working for me.  Again, humor is subjective, JMO, etc., but yeah… didn’t laugh/smile once during Ep. 02.  I did face-palm at ye ‘ol “ML accidentally enters the restroom while girl using the toilet” “gag”.  Sadly, hilarity did not ensue before, during, or after that moment.  At least not for me.  I’m out & dropping Military! 


One thought on “Military! Ep. 01 – Summary Review

  1. The humor to me wasn’t worth more than a chuckle either. Very similar to “Kill Me Baby” but with military equipment.

    Actually, they got me with the rabbit pansu, since I thought that was just censoring the butt shot for TV. 😛

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