Kantai Collection Episode 04 – Review

Kancolle Anime - Review Title“Now It’s Our Turn! Follow me!”



I was looking forward to Episode 04 for two reasons. The first is obvious – how would the show address Kisaragi’s death? The second is that Kongou ❤ is one of my very favorite Kanmusus. *sigh*  So much for that. Episode 04 was a disappointment on several levels. To be fair, the anime did some things right, but on the whole, for the first time I thought a KanColle anime episode probably did more things wrong. I found the overall presentation almost schizophrenic, with jarring transition from serious moments to wacky comedy hijinks. Honestly, it was like I was watching two different episodes cut and pasted together.  Not only that, but I swear they crammed in more game references that any previous episode!  Think about that.  At least the “poi” count was manageable.

I’ll start with my usual disclaimer that humor is subjective. That being said, while I did find a few comedy moments funny, the majority of the time I thought the “comedy” was not funny, but instead ill-timed and misplaced given how Ep 03 ended – frequently forced simply to include Yet Another Game Reference™.  I had wrongly anticipated that the anime would use appropriately tempered SoL moments in conjunction with addressing Kisaragi’s death.  For example, Kongou organizes a tea party to cheer up Mutsuki, Fubuki, et.al. Kongou, as the wise veteran “onee-sama”, then offers comforting advice on how to deal with such traumatic events. Nope. Instead we got some cringe worthy, nonsensical band skit (complete with game references) along with a tea party used as bait for Shimakaze. Huh?

As for the Kongou sisters themselves, while other game players may disagree, personally, for the first time the anime characters did not match my impressions of them from the game. I don’t recall ever sortieing the “4 Stoogies” when playing the game, and I use the Kongou-class BBs far more than any other BBs.  In my opinion, while the anime did get the base personalities right, it exacerbated their idiosyncrasies far too much.  It’s a matter of degree.  The difference between someone being sad versus suffering from severe clinical depression.  More caricature than character.  Some Ep. 04 comments I’ve read suggested it was all an act to lighten the mood for Fubuki’s benefit.  Possibly, but if that’s the case, the presentation was too ambiguous. For what it’s worth, I thought “anime Hiei” came closest to her game personality.  She is a big siscon for Kongou.

Sadly the Kongou sisters’ characters were not the only sacrifice upon the altar of “comedy”.  Time which would have been better spent sufficiently addressing the aftermath of Kisaragi’s death was used for the plot line of “Where is Shimakaze?” O.O… Seriously!? That, THAT, is the best they could come up with for a plot line!?  What’s worse is that they didn’t even give Shimakaze a decent character introduction.  As for the Rensouhou-chans (Shimakaze’s turret familiars/pets), I can only wonder what anime-only viewers thought of them.  They are too entrenched in the game/part of Shimakaze’s character to omit, but I do think they needed a couple lines of explanation (see notes below).  Lastly, like the Kongou sisters, “anime Shimakaze” doesn’t match up with my impression of her in the game.  The whole speed/going fast thing is part of her character (see notes below), but I never thought she was that air-headed wacky.  More exaggerated character traits and yet another sacrifice in the name of “comedy”.

So how did the show handle the aftermath of Kisaragi’s death?  In my opinion, not very well.  I’ll give the anime credit for not skirting the issue entirely, but what was shown wasn’t quite sufficient (not to mention all the misplaced comedy, jarring transitions, and improper overall tone).  I’m glad that the show didn’t turn all “grim-dark” and melodramatic, but there is such a thing as a “happy medium”.  I was a little surprised at the apparent lack of any real sense of loss felt by the other Kanmusu – particularly Kisaragi’s classmates/friends.  The anime did convey their concern about Mutsuki, but what about Kisaragi herself?  She did die you know. I do not need or want overly melodramatic wailing and pulling of hair type despair, but something more than just a quick glance at an empty desk or sentence or two from Ashigara. They needed to convincingly show that Kisaragi was missed by others besides Mutsuki (and to a small extent Nagato & Yuubari).  As it was, I thought Ep. 04’s presentation unduly cheapened Kisaragi’s death. Kisaragi didn’t get much screen time, but I think she deserved better than what Ep 04 gave us.

Ep. 04’s battle had its good moments, but also lacked sufficient tension and dynamics. On the whole, it was too perfunctory with too much forced game dialog (again).  At one point I was mentally yelling “Move!” at the Ru-class Abyssal battleships.  Nope. They just stood there firing away until Kongou destroyed them.  The best part of the battle for me was Fubuki freezing up, thinking she was the next Kanmusu to slip beneath the waves.  That was good (including the use of her game sinking line).  Kongou coming to Fubuki’s rescue and punching away the incoming shell was pretty cool if a bit in-universe inconsistent.  I guess those force fields are supposed to represent a ship’s armor.

The best part of Ep. 04 in my opinion revolved around Mutsuki’s denial that Kisaragi was gone. Denial can be a coping mechanism so that worked just fine for me. Still, I’m not sure the show spent enough time on that.  Another couple of minutes focusing on Mutsuki’s grief would have made an appreciable difference.  Fubuki and Mutsuki hugging each other and crying at the end was a good resolution if a bit cliché. Oh, supposedly some English subtitles have a wrong translation – Mutsuki says her “heart” or “chest”, not her “arm”, hurts during that scene.

To sum it up, Episode 04 for me was a frustrating, disappointing episode, and represents an important, wasted opportunity for KanColle anime to step up to a higher level. Instead, it leaves me feeling a little apprehensive. Not about the overabundance of game references – I’ve given up on that, but now how the anime will present future characters and handle more serious matters such as Kanmusu death. Speculation on my part, but I don’t think Kisaragi’s death will be the last. If that’s correct, I hope that the anime does a better job the next time around.


Frankly, I don’t know how to even start this review. I don’t want to just start ranting, but I’m that upset about the direction this episode took. I’ll try to remain coherent. If they had not included Naka as an “idol wannabe” I would swear that a different director had taken over the show. How could the same team that gave us the last episode produce one that starts out this embarrassing? Not being a KanColle gamer I can’t comment on whether the Kongou sisters are like that in the game (I’ll leave that to daikama to comment on), but the way they are portrayed in the anime is terrible. Basically, the first part of the episode with the Kongou sisters is a complete waste of time. Not funny, not interesting and certainly not in keeping with the previous episodes. Am I expecting the show to be grimdark all the time? No, but I don’t expect major characters to be turned into jokes. Hey director! Why not put Nagato in a clown suit next? Won’t that be hilarious?

We’ve got a rather sad opening with Mutsuki waiting at the pier hoping that somehow Kasaragi might return. Now that ties us to the ending of the last episode. I would think that this would mean that the emotional situation of the last episode would carry over into this one. Nagato and Mutsu’s discussion about Yuubari being upset about losing one of the members of her squadron would also be an indication that that was the way the story was going. Even Nagato is having a hard time dealing with the loss. Hell, the whole class is having a hard time and Mutsuki is in obvious denial. Well, you’d think this was going to be a sad episode.  You’d be wrong, or at least mostly wrong about the tone of the episode.

Next we have Fubuki and Shimakaze being assigned to a special mission. This should have been my first warning that this was going off the rails. Shimakaze is the wackiest kanmusu that I’m aware of, at least in the way she looks. Within a few seconds of the scene in the admirals office it’s obvious that she’s an airhead too. Then Kongou arrives (oh, the horror). The leader of the fleet that saved TS3 and 4 bounds in like a total idiot. She’s a fast battleship for god’s sake! How about treating the original ship with some respect! At least they introductions aren’t quite as bad. We at least learn that Kongou was built in England (which explains her using English words) and get to see silhouettes of the original ships, but I feel for Fubuki when we see her image of Kongou shatter behind her. At this point, my jaws dropped too. Notice too that Shimakaze is in the background playing with one of her guns totally oblivious to the mission briefing. That I expected given how she was acting. Now the mission, at least, isn’t some farce but makes some sense (not enough destroyers IMO, but oh well). And they explained why no carriers. It even has some vibes of WWII given the desire for southeast Asian resources. Then they destroy the mood by the sisters acting like doofuses, except for Kirishima, (who is smarter than the rest in the same sense that Moe from the Three Stooges is smarter than Larry and Curly).

We get a short scene again showing how much Mutsuki is in denial and, and then… right back to the insanity. Ok, I get it. Shimakaze is an airhead. But this?!! The Kongou sisters best plan is to put on a musical show??!!! Words fail me. Of course we also get Naka starting a battle of the idols… Lucky us. Sigh. Gah, they even drag Ooi and Kitakami into this mess. I won’t even comment any farther except to say that a Mad Hatter’s tea party seems appropriate to the insanity.

Now, here is where we finally get something worth watching. The battle. Shimakaze racing ahead is based on her real world counterpart, which was one of the fastest destroyers of the time. Now we almost stray into grimdark with Fubuki getting ahead of the fleet and almost getting herself sunk, only to be saved by Kongou. This is what I expect to see in the show. Not the stupid humor that lead up to this. how do you interpret the images that flash before Fubuki’s eyes. Is she thinking of how Mutsuki will react when she finds out Fubuki has been sunk? Is she afraid she will never see Mutsuki again? Both I would say. I did think Kongou just brushing the Abyssal shell away was not how I would have done it as a director. She should have taken the damage from the exploding shell. Just would seem more reasonable than what was shown. Also makes it more of a sacrifice on her part to protect her “kouhai”.

Now the end scene with Fubuki and Mutsuki would have been a perfect finale to the episode. If I could get the crap that preceded the battle out of my head! So disappointing that they had to do that. Mixing funny with serious is ok, but you’ve got to maintain some balance. I want to reedit this episode and just take out the stupid and leave the good. I hope that this is an aberration and we’re not going to be subject to this again.

Notes and Additional Information

Ship Class Abbreviations

Battleship (BB), Aviation Battleship (BBV), Armored/Regular/Fleet Aircraft Carrier (CV), Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL), Seaplane Tenders (AV), Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA), Escort Carrier (CVE), Heavy Cruiser (CA), Aviation Cruiser (CAV), Light Cruiser (CL), Torpedo Cruiser (CLT), Destroyer (DD), Repair Ship (AR), Submarine (SS), Submarine Aircraft Carrier (SSV), and Submarine Tender (AS).

(Very) Partial List of Game References

  • Episode Title – Now it’s our turn! Follow me!:  Kongou’s game dialog when joining a fleet.
  • Kongou saying English Words:
    • Because Kongou was built in England, in the game she has some English traits such as saying a few words in English and preferring black tea at tea time.
    • Yes, she actually said “shit” in the anime.  That’s taken from Kongou’s moderate/heavy damage game line –  “Shit! The precious equipment I got from the admiral!”. Kongou really appreciates all the Admiral does for her.
  • Kongou “not understanding” Nagato’s orders:  Anime-only “comedy”. Kongou is the oldest ship in the game, and one of the, if not the, most widely used IJN BB during WWII (something noted in her game dialog). Such a seasoned veteran would have absolutely no difficulty understanding Nagato’s orders.
  • Kongou calling Fubuki “Bucky”: I assume that’s Fubuki’s name shortened to “buki” which in English would be phonetically spelled like “Buukey” or “Buuky” rather than “Bucky” (as in “buck” or “bucket”).  Not the best translation IMO.
  • Kongou calling Shimakaze “Zekamashi”:  Zekamashi = Shimakaze’s name read backward in traditional Japanese characters.  It’s found on one of the Rensouhou-chan’s life preservers.
  • Rensouhou-chan:  Part of Shimakaze’s game character design, these familiar/pet-like turrets represent Shimakaze’s three twin 12.7 cm/50 naval gun turrets. Since Shimakaze is the only ship of her class, she often plays with the Rensouhou-chan’s when she feels lonely or bored (there is game dialog to that effect).
  • Fubuki’s saying “No…I hate/don’t like this…!”:  Said around 19:00 min (English subtitles get lazy here with the translation = “no…no…”), this is Fubuki’s sinking line in the game.  Guessing it was meant as a bit of a troll for game players by the anime staff.
  • Kirishima song lyrics of “compass fairies”:  In the game, each world map has nodes (spots) your can sortie to.  However, normally there are different routes or “branches”.  When there is more than one direction your fleet can travel, a chibi character (aka compass fairy) pops up and spins a compass wheel to determine the route (or branch) you take.  Some times it’s completely random, while other times the route depends upon fleet composition (known as “branching rules”).
  • Honestly, the episode had a LOT of game dialog from by pretty much every character, especially all four Kongou sisters, along with other game references.

Partial List of WWII References

  • Kongou Class Fast Battleships
    • Built in England by Vickers and launched in 1913 as a battle-cruiser (BC), Kongou was the last Japanese capital ship to be constructed outside Japan.
    • The other three ships of the Kongou class, Hiei, Haruna and Kirashima were all built in Japan.
    • Prior to WWII all four Kongou class ships received various upgrades including more powerful engines.  With a post upgrade top speed of 30knots, the ships were reclassified as “fast battleships”.
  • IJN DD Shimakaze:  Launched in 1942, Shimakaze (Island Wind) was the only ship of her class.
    • A “super-destroyer”, she was armed with six 127 mm (5.0 in) dual purpose guns, and the only Japanese destroyer to be armed with 15 torpedo tubes each capable of firing the deadly Type 93 “Long Lance” torpedo.
    • The ship was a testbed for an enormously-powerful, high-temperature, high-pressure steam engine, making her the second fasted destroyer in the world at the time, reaching a top speed of 40.9 kn (75.7 km/h; 47.1 mph).
    • Because of the IJN Shimakaze’s speed, KanColle Shimakaze is obsessed with being the fastest ship, and a lot of her game lines revolve around that concept.  One example, she has a funny line whenever a ship you construct is finished: “It looks like another ship slower than me has been completed.” LOL

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6 thoughts on “Kantai Collection Episode 04 – Review

  1. Ehh! Well, I’m glad Admiral Daikama is thinking of me, but please understand and consider my feelings! If it’s Admiral Daikama who takes good care of all us shipgirls, then its fine for me to explore my deep feelings, but if its this other fleet, then, I have to try to be happy on the surface for my sisters as well as myself, because any day is a day we could sink! If I was too sad for Kisaragi, I’d be sad all the time, and I don’t think Kisaragi or any of the other shipgirl who sank would want that. I think it’s a little like how it was for British bomber crews during WWII, living at home during the day where everything is normal, but at night sortieing out and maybe not coming back? Of course it is a little strange, but when you are watching and feeling that, you are sharing my feelings! Please accept them! If you forget about my feelings, even though I like you, it’ll be a ‘no’, you know?

    • @Ahkenaten Sienna: LOL, no I didn’t forget about Kongou, but as Kongou would say – “there’s a time and place for everything!” My issue is one of degree. Again, I’m NOT saying the show needed to be overly gloomy or maudlin, but one wacky comedy hijink after another goes too far IMO. Trying to raise spirits & lighten the mood is one thing, proverbially cracking jokes at a funeral is another. Ep. 04 falls too close to the latter for me. Not entirely, but too close. Certainly more than I expected. These were the most outlandish SoL comedy moments in the show thus far… and it’s coming immediately after a character’s death. O.o That’s jarring to me.

      As for your analogy, again, it’s a matter of degree. True, soldiers/pilots/sailors/etc. needed to move on past a comrades death, but I would also expect them to feel something if a comrade/friend died. It’s one thing if they are still on the front lines/in harms way and have other things to worry about (like surviving), but that’s not the case here. The base is perfectly safe. I’ve watched numerous documentaries with WWII veteran interviews, and 50, 60, or even 70 years later, a number of them will start to tear up, a couple even needing a moment to gather themselves, when thinking about lost comrades. So yeah, one must move on, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad, have a sense of loss, and take some time to digest what’s happened. It’s not sad “all the time”, but sad for some time.

      Given the way it was presented, the show simply didn’t sell me on that sufficiently – especially for anyone other than Mutsuki. Like I wrote, it felt like the only one who really felt any sense of loss about Kisaragi was Mutsuki. Kisaragi wouldn’t want them to be sad “all the time”, but then again, Kisaragi’s last thoughts were “Please don’t forget about Kisaragi.” The way Ep 04 played out, to me it seems like most of the Kanmusu already did. 😦

  2. I must say I watched the thing (after almost giving up on it after the cheesiness that was Ep1), and I didn’t feel it was that bad at all.

    The show doesn’t dwell too hard on it (presumably to spare the gamers who won’t like seeing their own kanmusus so overtly depressed), but the destroyers *are* wiped out by Kisaragi’s death.

    Otherwise … how the heck did Fubuki get picked? 2F’s dedicated destroyers are Hibiki and Akatsuki (re Ep1). If you don’t want them you can have the aces of the base (based on what they escort), Ikazuchi and Inazuma of 1F. Heck, everyone else still has more combat experience. Fubuki hadn’t even reached the desired degree of proficiency (re Ep2), yet she’s picked to be one of only *two* destroyers on an important mission?

    The only logical in-universe conclusion here is that the initial picks were made based on psychological condition. So Pick 1 was Shimakaze, obviously an airhead with no real connections anywhere. And Pick 2 is Fubuki, the newcomer and thus with no real connection to Kisaragi. That’s the end of the usable ships. Of course, it might have been nice to have more destroyers, but they are emotionally wiped for the moment. The show makes it clear that while everyone is trying to pretend to be their normal selves, they are suffering from severe lapses in concentration, and obviously this just isn’t on for combat.

    Anyway, Fubuki it is by default. But she’s just less affected. What Fubuki needs, one day before being thrown back into combat, is *not* a cool looking big sis saying soothing words or a tea party that’s clearly meant to cheer her up. She needs something more natural to distract her from any funk she may be suffering from. Besides, she needs something down-to-earth to make her feel less nervous about her sudden promotion to working with the “greats”. So, enter Kongo and her sisters, who prove themselves perfectly human in only seconds.

    Fubuki gets dragged around into various events. In doing those stupid looking antics, Kongo and the others are not only distracting Fubuki, but doing their part to lift other people out of a funk. Note that they clearly had an effect on the Akatsuki-class sisters.

    Naka, who of course knows Fubuki is about to sortie, joins in – in this show, Naka is actually a good sister (re Ep2 – you note she drags Fubuki into a show, but only so she can be there when Oi shows up). Further, in doing so, she also heals herself.

    A long series of comedies later, the result is successful and Fubuki is not at all nervous with working with the Kongos, and even cracks a smile. In the end, we see the Kongos’ more serious side too, and IMO we should all be understanding the theatrics in the middle in this context.

  3. Episode 4 is disappointing, but, being optimistic, I can say they could’ve done much worse (at this point, episode 2=5>4>3>1). It helps that my initial standards for this show’s story were relatively low from the start. I think they overdid the “comedy” which really isn’t all that funny, but like Kazuaki points out, it helps lighten the mood the other people (most importantly Fubuki).

    There are a million things I could complain about regarding Shimakaze but I’ll limit it to the biggest issue. If they had taken out Shimakaze, the episode might have been better. The sole reason for her existence in this episode is to disappear and give the sisters more time for comedy. Other than that, she added nothing to the story. There is no meaningful interaction between her and Fubuki, and almost any other character could have done what little she did in the episode (which consisted of waiting for the briefing to begin, listening to the briefing, disappearing, and destroying some abyssal ships).

    • @flaze35: True, they could have done worse. To be clear (I hope), I do get the point about “lightening the mood”. I think that’s obvious. The problem I have is that they took that concept too far and the method/execution was simply jarring. You have the most “wacky”, outlandish comedy hijinks spammed in the anime thus far, including Ep. 05, for an episode immediately following a characters death’s – a death at the very end of the previous episode no less. That’s simply jarring to me. Also a bit WTF.

      As I mentioned, to the show’s credit they didn’t skirt the issue of Kisaragi’s death entirely, but going back and forth between the more “serious” moments and “Kongou Sisters Comedy Variety Show” was bad IMO. Overdone, inappropriately excessive, and unnecessary. You could easily tone down the wacky hijinks (both in degree and amount) and still have a sufficiently light atmosphere to keep the show from being overly grim-dark. Think of it this way. If you removed ALL of the wacky hijinks surrounding the “plot” line of “Where is Shimakaze?” (including the bad (IMO), game reference crammed band moment), would Ep. 04 have been that grim-dark? To me the answer is no. To use one of many examples, I can think of scenes in Black Bullet that were much more grim-dark than what Ep. 04 would have been without the “comedy”. I don’t mean to suggest that there should not be any comedy. There should given the show’s nature. Just appropriately subdued and less frequent.

      Since you’re a Strike Witches fan, consider this. If a named character died in Strike Witches do you think that series would have handled the situation the same? I don’t. I think Strike Witches would have done a better job of it – including a more appropriately balanced atmosphere along with exploring the impact of that character’s death a little more. Same goes for Girls und Panzer. When Miho got depressed thinking about what happened in last year’s tournament (including the aftermath), Yukari told Miho that she felt Miho made the right decision, etc. The show didn’t break into “wacky comedy hijinks” centered around “Where is Mako?” Girls und Panzer did a good job addressing that issue and no one even died.

      And yes, the anime totally botched Shimakaze’s role. She was turned into plot device and nothing more. Well, actually plot device + “wacky comedy” with her bouncing around randomly. >_> Again, I did not get any sense when playing the game that she had single digit IQ air-headedness. She’s not a serious character for sure, but still… More exaggerated characterization for unnecessary “comedy” IMO. To be honest, I still view Ep. 04 as a wasted opportunity, disappointingly so. We’ll have our Ep. 05 review up shortly (hopefully), but I will say that I thought it was much better – best episode to date in fact though not without its flaws.

      • I agree that the episode is bad, (and there’s a huge gap between it and eps 2/5) but for me, I still say episode 1 and 3 are worse. Episode 1 just feels really…generic, like they’re not even trying to write an original story. Plus, they tried to introduce too many characters at once. idolm@ster had a similar issue (introducing around 12 characters in one episode), but it managed to balance its screen time for the large majority of the series, which helped a lot. At least with episode 4 we get some characterization for Kongou (although, again, they introduced new characters to the already huge cast). With episode 3, the death flags were so obvious it was offensive. Plus, the writers expected viewers to get emotional over a character that we knew for 5 minutes worth of screen time. Sure, the players who made her their shipfu were sad, but people like me really didn’t feel attached to her at all. It was the decision to throw in a poorly timed death that caused episode 4. What they really needed to do was establish Kisaragi as one of Fubuki’s friends from the start, so that she’d get screentime and the viewers could get to know her.

        As far as SW goes, I agree that they probably would handle it (slightly) better, considering they nailed some of the emotional scenes. GuP exceeded my expectations 10 fold.

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