Kantai Collection Episode 06 – Review

Kancolle Anime - Review Title“Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas!”



From the start KanColle anime was geared towards the “core fan” (i.e. those already fans of the franchise), and episode 06 was definitely geared towards that group. That’s not to say anime-only fans will not enjoy Ep. 06, but I definitely think game players and other “core fans” got a lot more out of it. From the comments I’ve read, that certainly seems to be the case for a clear majority of game players. Most liked the Ep. 06 quite a bit and I did as well. While I probably like Ep. 05 better, Ep. 06 definitely provided more than just a couple “LOL” moments for me – an enjoyable watch despite being an unexpectedly 100% SoL (“slice of life”) episode.

From a game player’s standpoint, Ep. 06 had a number of good “inside” jokes. The best for me (literally LOL’d) was when Akatsuki, Inazuma, Ikazuchi and Hibiki shivered in fear at the “kon, kon, kon” (or “clang, clang, clang” in English I guess) sound while Yuubari rebuilt and improved their flame thrower melted pot (see explanation below). “Glutton Akagi” was at her best- another LOL moment when she started to steal and eat the potatoes Kaga was cutting.  Also LOL’d when she got all excited after hearing about another successful bauxite expedition. It’s the Akagi I know and love from both the game and Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! 4-Koma manga.  Naka’s curry competition team introductions were quite humorous as well.  Another LOL moment for me was Naka introducing Ashigara as being voted the “fleet girl you most want to see married!” followed by Haguro’s “Run away while I can still hold her, Naka-chan!” Really, this was quite a funny episode from a game player’s standpoint.

Speaking of Naka-chan, by far this was my favorite Naka episode. I liked her playing the tsukkomi role to Kirishima’s boke as co-announcer. Like Bear, I agree that, again, unlike Ep. 04, the character personalities were more properly portrayed without unnecessary exaggeration for the sake of “comedy”. Kongou was fun-loving genki rather than baka wacky, and Shimikaze wasn’t bouncing around like she just did ½ kg of cocaine or was hiding for… “reasons”.  For the most part, I thought all the character personalities were mostly spot-on though  Kirishima got a bit overexcited for her character (game version at least – she’s the calm, cool, intellectual/data type).  However, it wasn’t to the same degree as Ep. 04’s almost caricature level.  Furthermore, Kirishima playing the boke role to Naka-chan’s tsukkomi role did work.  I have to admit I chuckled a few times from Naka’s comeback lines. So, all in all, fine by me on that.

Like Ep. 05, Ep. 06 was pretty much what I expected in terms of SoL/comedy type moments from KanColle anime. Pacing certainly has improved from a rushed Ep. 01. Also, for the most part I think the show did a fairly good job with game reference integration in Ep. 06, though with so many references, I can understand if anime-only viewers felt left out of an “inside joke” at times. Still, I do think game reference integration was better than Ep. 01. For example, the flame thrower joke doesn’t need game experience to work, but playing the game does add another level. They surreptitiously added a timer in the background which ties into the game reference. It’s there, but not overly conspicuously so.  Same goes for Akagi’s bath (repair dock) timer.  So while perhaps not 100%, Ep. 06 still leaves me with the impression that some progress has been made compared to earlier episodes.

My biggest complaint about Ep. 06 has to be the Ooi-Kitakami scene. That felt very forced – as if there’s some rule that there must be a Ooi x Kitakami scene in every episode. I’ve enjoyed some of Ooi’s shtick (Kitakami is kind of just there so far), but I do think the anime is pushing that “plotline” (if you can call it one) too much and too often. I’ve read a few comments from viewers, even a couple of game players, that they are getting tired of Ooi’s shtick. Frankly, I’m starting to get a little tired of it myself. Another complaint ties back into an issue I had with Ep. 04.  While I’m glad to see Shimakaze get a bit more screen time, she’s still “some random Kanmusu” because the show has failed to give her a proper introduction. Perhaps a couple less Ooi x Kitakami scenes would provide time for that. *hint*

So yes, I liked Ep. 06 though l admit playing the game makes a significant difference.  If I wasn’t playing the game and/or familiar with the franchise, I’d almost certainly be less enthusiastic. Next up is CarDiv 1 vs. CarDiv 5 redux. That… surprised me. It’s been tweeted/commented that Zuikaku is one of the (or the) director’s favorite Kanmusu. Still, didn’t we get that already in Ep. 05? I’ll hold off on making any final judgments until the season ends, but I do have to wonder given the show’s one-cour run if this is the best use of an episode.

“OT”: The KanColle game “Winter 2015 Event” is currently taking place. For some of the Boss Nodes, the anime’s OP & ED music is used for BMG. Have to say again that I do like both songs – especially the OP, and it was a nice touch by the game developers to use both of them in the event. Enjoyed that. 😀


Well, they managed to fake me out. In my impressions of the last episode I was sure that they were going to have a battle after some SoL in each episode. This one violated that rule big time. On top of that, this had to have been the most game-centric episode yet. So much so that I knew I was missing a good portion of the dialog and references. Probably was a lot funnier for the gamers too, but I’ll leave that for daikama to talk about. Just the title of the episode had us both thinking that this would have some relationship to the WWII Coral Sea battle. I mean, com’mon “Curry Sea Operation”? To finish me off, the opening scene with Nagato and Mutsu had me totally trolled that this was going to be an intense episode and maybe even include a loss of a kanmusu. Well, we almost lost some kanmusu (but to curry instead of enemy action) and Nagato did cry (from hot curry spice at least). ;D They did keep with the pattern of focusing on another group of kanmusu with each episode. This time we get the Sixth Destroyer Group: Akatsuki, Inazuma, Ikazuchi, Hibiki. The most kawaii group of destroyers evah! The real ships are often considered a sub class of the Fubuki class, but you wouldn’t know that from the design of the ship girls.

I won’t go into the game references, but a few things caught my eye. Akatsuki wearing the “crown” while she was washing her hair. I’ve seen that on line as a device to keep the soap out of your eyes. If the Japanese don’t have a gadget then it probably hasn’t been invented yet. The other thing from the scene was Akagi playing with a wire puzzle while she was in the bath. Last time with Fubuki she was popping bubblewrap. I wonder what’s next? A Rubber Ducky? I’d say this was going to be a recurring bit, but I’ve already been fooled so I’m not going to make a prediction about that.

If I knew Japanese I might have guessed that this wasn’t going to be a serious episode. “戦 作 洋一レ力 “ actually has curry spelled backwards: (力レ一 is the katakana for “curry”). Best I can get for a crude literal translation is “war work ocean curry”. The reason I even decided to look for a translation was that the title at the commercial break “X’ed” out the “洋” which is ocean.  Turns out it’s spelled backwards even in the contest notice on the wall in the dock/bath locker room Really curious about what the Japanese thought about the title.

Besides “Khorosho”, we also get Hibiki saying “Bože moi”  (My God) for a change of pace.

As far as the characters from episode 4 that were annoying in their antics, here they’re ok. Naka is in her element and keeps to her announcer role without trying to overshadow the procedings. Kongou is genki without straying into stupid. Much better with all of their antics being toned down. Don’t get me wrong, I do like slapstick. It just needs to be done right. The director must really like Kitakami and Ooi for some reason since they show up in every episode. Either he’s into yuri or maybe even yanderes or both.
Not too much more to say. The competition was about what you would expect from the characters and the style of humor we’ve seen. We did learn that the opening scene with Nagato was her agonizing over having to eat spicy curry as the judge. They kept the joke going till almost the last scene. Overall a very good episode.

Notes and Additional Information

Ship Class Abbreviations

Battleship (BB), Aviation Battleship (BBV), Armored/Regular/Fleet Aircraft Carrier (CV), Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL), Seaplane Tenders (AV), Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA), Escort Carrier (CVE), Heavy Cruiser (CA), Aviation Cruiser (CAV), Light Cruiser (CL), Torpedo Cruiser (CLT), Destroyer (DD), Repair Ship (AR), Submarine (SS), Submarine Aircraft Carrier (SSV), and Submarine Tender (AS).

Partial List of Game References

  • Flame thrower cooking:  In the game, one consumable item is “instant construction”.  Normally when you construct a ship(girl) it takes anywhere from 17 minutes to 8 hours real time to finish.  However, if you use one (10 required for Large Ship Construction) instant construction item(s) (the icon looks like a flame thrower), a fairy come out with a flame thrower and blast the ship with flame while the timer rapidly counts down to zero in about 2 seconds.
  • Akatsuki tired of running expeditions:  A major factor in the game is resource management, and the primary way to acquire resources is to constantly run expeditions.  There is natural resource regeneration, but it’s capped at a fairly low level (based upon Admiral (or HQ) level).  So players are constantly running expedition with the second, third and fourth fleets.  The ships most often used to run expeditions are destroyers for two reasons.  First, destroyers are resource efficient (you will use fuel and possibly ammo running expeditions).  Second, most expeditions require a certain number of destroyers anyway.  Some require an all destroyer fleet.  In fact, it’s not unusual for game players to have some destroyers which never do anything but run expeditions.  So Akatsuki being tired of running expeditions makes a lot of sense from a game standpoint.
  • “Expedition Fail” graphics:  The anime literally inserted the game’s expedition success/failure graphics.  What you saw in the anime is how it looks in the game if you fail an expedition.
  • Akatsuki-class Destroyers fearing “kon, kon, kon” sound:  The game has a maximum fleet size limit.  The default limit is 100, but you can buy additional room at the cost of 1000 yen/10 more spots with a current maximum of 230 spots.  Between drop and construction attempts for ships you don’t have, you must get rid of excess ships (normally duplicates).  Two ways to do that – modernization (using unwanted ships to boost another ship’s stats to maximum values) and scrapping (which gives you minimal resources).  That “kon, kon, kon” sound is the same exact sound a player hears when scrapping a ship.  So that’s the joke here. The Akatsuki-class DDs are scared because they are hearing the game’s “ship scrapping sound” when Yuubari fixes their pot.
  • Ashigara as the “hungry wolf”:  In 1937, Ashigara was invited to UK for fleet reviewing for coronation of George VI, where supposedly, an English reporter criticized Ashigara’s spartan quarters and a design focused on effectiveness over livability as a “Hungry Wolf”.  While it wasn’t meant as a complement, the Japanese chose to take it as such.  By no means a comprehensive search, but as far as I know, there is no published source for that (i.e. no archived newspaper article with that remark).  It might have been on off-hand comment by an English reporter that was overheard by an IJN member.  Regardless, at some point for whatever reason, IJN CA Ashigara acquired that nickname.
  • Ashigara as an “unmarriable maiden”:  I think this is mostly fandom rather than any game source.  Ashigara has a line in her library intro of “Eh? That’s got nothing to do with my sex appeal? There’s… no way that’s right!” which I suspect fans/doujinshi extrapolated in to “she’s the unmarrable” type.  Honestly, I don’t know if the library intro is the original one or fandom added later like Akagi’s appetite.
  • Hiei’s Death Curry:  This joke is taken directly from Kantai Collection Drama CD 1 (Hiei’s Curry).  English translation here.  Short version = do NOT let Hiei cook.
  • Akagi’s appettite part II:
    • See Partial list of Game References section in Ep. 02’s review for why Akagi got this reputation.
    • The anime line of “Carrier Group One, Akagi! I’m here to eat— I mean cook!”  is is taken from her secretary idle line in the game: “Um, Admiral? Is it mealti— No! Is it time to start the operation yet!?”
    • You’ll notice that Kaga also has a huge plate of curry.  The truth is that Akagi is not the most resource hungry CV in the game. Kaga uses the most ammo of any CV (and more fuel than Akagi) while Taihou uses the most fuel of any CV and the same ammo as Akagi.  As for the anime, I took the fact that Akagi’s plate had less curry than Kaga’s as simply Akagi ate half of her portion already. 😛
    • It’s really a bit unfair to Akagi.  Not only does Kaga use more resources than Akagi, but all BBs use more fuel and ammo.  Yamato Kai and Musashi Kai use over three times the amount of fuel and four times the amount of ammo compared to Kaga!
  • Zuikaku ripping Shoukaku’s skirt: That scene is based upon Shoukaku’s secretary game line: “Geez, Zuikaku, stop fiddling with my skirt so mu- huh, oh my, admiral?”
  • Zuikaku and the “Goddess of Curry”:  Another game reference.  This one taken from Zuikaku’s game MVP dialog: “Yay! Did you see that! That’s the true power of the 5th CarDiv! The Goddess of Luck is with me!”

Partial List of WWII References

  • “Bauxite-Bottom Sound”: Bauxite is the ore from which aluminum is made so this is wordplay on Iron-Bottom Sound, where the naval battles for Guadacanal were fought during WWII.  It is infamous for the number of ships that were sunk there. Five major battles were fought there: Savo Island, Cape Esperance, Guadacanal, Tassafaronga, and Operation I-Go.
  • Ms. Misfortune and Ms. Fortune” – Shoukaku and Zuikaku:
    • Lead ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers, Shōkaku suffered major damage twice before ultimate being sunk US submarine USS Cavalla on 19 June 1944.  Once was during the Battle of Coral Sea and the other time at the Battle of Santa Cruz. Notably, her sister Zuikaku was always with her, but never took damage until after Shoukaku sank!
    • Second (and last) ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers, Zuikaku was known early in the war for being a lucky ship – unlike her sister ship, Shoukaku.  Despite taking place in several battles, it wasn’t until the Battle of the Philippine Sea (aka “The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot”) that Zuikaku was damaged.  As the last surviving member of the Kidō Butai which attacked Pearl Harbor, Zuikaku’s luck finally ran out on 25 October 1944 when she was sunk by air attack during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
    • Both the game and Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! manga referenced the above facts.
      • Shoukaku’s moderate damage docking line: “I seem to get injuried rather easily… is this so, Zuikaku?”; and her moderate damage line (during battle): “Geez, why is it always me?”
      • Zuikaku has a game attack line of “Turkey, you say…? It’s no joke!” which of course is a reference to the The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot where she was damaged.  In the game, Zuikaku also has the second highest luck of any CV (Why not the highest?  No clue.).
  • As usual, some of the items in the “Game References” section also apply to this section.


  • Kongou combining Ikazuchi and Inazuma’s names: Ikazuchi is written as 雷 (Thunder) while Inazuma is written as 電 (lightning). Putting them together is 雷電 (raiden) which means thunder and lightning.

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12 thoughts on “Kantai Collection Episode 06 – Review

    • Ooi is fairly, if not entirely, yandare in the game. Her 4:00am hourly line is “It’s 04…00… Admiral? Admiral…? Did he go to sleep? …THIS IS MY CHANCE!” Chance? Chance to do WHAT exactly!? When entering the docks with medium or heavy damage, she starts to complain/blame the admiral: “That strategy was horrible… No, sorry for my incompetence.” She’s definitively obsessed with Kitakami. Lots of game dialog where she’s thinking about Kitakami. All in all, I think the anime got her personality right based on the game. I do agree with you about Eila & Perrine from Strike Witches (I like Eila. Perrine was “OK” in Strike Witches S1). Both are better/more likeable than Ooi at this point in the anime.

      As for Shimakaze, her character mostly revolves around being obsessed with her speed/being the fastest ship in the fleet. However, the anime did simplify her character. There’s another aspect to Shimakaze. She’s the only ship in her class (i.e. no “sisters”) so she gets lonely at times, and plays with her Rensouhou-chans for company.

  1. There’s a bait and switch, the basic plotline is cliched and the execution is cheesy but there were a lot of gags inserted which made it interesting enough to watch.

    We get a small lesson of life – understand the question on the test. Not only is the tester weak to spiciness, but the curry is to be used for the Garrison the whole year which clearly places a premium on being Non-Objectionable. The basic decision to nevertheless serve up a spicy curry is fundamentally wrong and probably costs Ashigara the match every year – I think the show implies strongly that Ashigara actually made the superior curry.

    Anyway, all of it would be fine, if this anime was supposed to be about DesDiv 6! But it is not – it is supposed to be about Fubuki, and we get all of maybe one line from her this episode.

    I must wonder whether the big strategic mistake is to keep pushing Fubuki as the heroine. Frankly, I never liked her and the rest of the Yuki-class. While there is something to be said for a non-objectionable starter ship, there is something called Too Plain. I fed my first sets of -Yukis to Mikazuki (it takes a lot of “love” to use those Mutsuki class destroyers) and the only reason I hadn’t fed my second sets is that I just realized the game wants them to finish a quest far off in my future, so instead they are kind of lying in my spaces, starved of fuel, ammo and guns.

    Anyway, even an OK game starter ship is not the same as a lovable main character usable in other media. If doujinshi are any indication, she’s outshone by Shimakaze, Yukikaze, DesDiv 6 (of course), even Mutsukis and almost everyone else it seems. I can’t blame them.

    Since this is a fan-oriented anime, isn’t it time to quietly put the idea of Fubuki as Heroine in the trashbin and go with the flow?

    Instead, they insist on putting Fubuki on … but feel they can’t ignore the powerful DesDiv 6 lobby, so they divert one whole episode (of twelve!) to them entirely. This seems to me like the worst of both worlds.

    Given the episodes, what Ep7 is shaping up to be, and the insistence of putting Fubuki on as the heroine, here’s my alternate plan – you tell me if it might not work out better:

    When reorganized, instead of immediately putting Fubuki in 5YB, first put her and Naka into DesDiv 6. At the end of Ep5, the relatively level-headed Fubuki would rise to being the head. In Ep6, she can work with them to make curry.

    That way, we’ll have TWO DesDiv 6 episodes, Further, the idea of Fubuki being able to rise with only DesDiv 6 and Naka as her competitors is more plausible than what actually happened. They can then work with the rest of 5YB in Ep7 – the full CarDiv 1/5 plot just gets unified into that later episode. The plot about making her the head of 5YB was just too much of a stretch and should be dumped in the trashbin.

    Heck, you can even reorganize things to make the move in Ep4. So instead of Kongo and the others working to cheer Fubuki up (the execution of which is clearly unpopular anyway), we can have DesDiv6 do the cheering up – that will probably sell more universally.

    Well, that’s my two cents. I’m heading to see if today the game would be willing to give me Shiratsuyu, Ryujo or Hiyo. I’ll also take Shokaku, Zuikaku, Soryu or Hiryu.

    • So you started playing the game? When did you start? Seems recently given your comments. Since you’re playing, some game stuff first. With her recent Kai ni, Fubuki’s actually pretty desirable. Lots of people leveled her up (level 70) once that was introduced. Stat-wise, I’d say Fubuki kai ni is a top 10 DD (out of what – 50+?) not to mention you get a Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director and Type 13 AIR RADAR Kai. The latter you can get elsewhere, but it is the best small air RADAR. The former is quite important for those who didn’t participate in the last event. It’s even the upgraded version (vs. Hatsushimo Kai ni which comes with the base Type 91 AA FD).

      If you don’t already know, that AA cut-in is being used a LOT this event (used it quite a bit myself), and you need either an AA FD or 10cm HA+FD plus RADAR to trigger it (Akizuki has a built-in AA FD, but that’s an exception). So with the new Kai ni remodel, at least stat & equipment wise, Fubuki is the best choice for starter ships. That being said, like all the starter ships, they are common drops so in the end it really doesn’t matter. For the record, my choice of starter ship was Samidare ❤ though I tend to play more for stats than character favorite at this point.

      While Fubuki isn't the most personable of DDs, for me she's also not annoying – and I do find a few Kanmusu annoying (DDs and other classes). I also have a number of “meh”/whatever Kanmusu personality wise (including DD). Frankly, I don’t find “game Fubuki” any worse than most of the Mutsuki classes (including Kisaragi and Mutsuki). Also, to be honest, I like Hatsuyuki (Fubuki-class DD). I think she’s funny as the hikikomori DD. The only reason I kept most of the Mutsuki class around was for various quests. I do like some of of them (Yayoi is my favorite Mutsuki-class DD & also like Satsuki and Fumizuki as a couple other examples), but a number are “meh”. Uzuki is annoying to me, and I like Tama & Kuma. The Mutsuki class DDs have THE worst stats of any DD class in the game. A slightly lower ammo consumption (15 vs. 20) doesn’t make up enough to justify a fleet roster spot with limited fleet space – especially if you don’t buy extra fleet roster spaces. Besides, the vast majority of my ammo stockpiling outside of regen comes from Expedition #2 which doesn’t even use ammo (just fuel).

      As for Yukikaze, frankly, if it wasn’t for her top-class stats, I wouldn’t even bother with her. Thankfully, her voice volume is low because I find it annoyingly chew-toy squeaky. Just my opinion/speculation, but I don’t think she’d be nearly as popular without that game high default 60 luck stat. But she does have it, and so she’s one of my highest leveled DDs. Have to admit, she came through multiple times in the event with a night battle cut-in on the Boss. Enough to be my MVP for the event. Anyway, short version = everyone has their favorites, including Fubuki. Seen a few waifu Fubukis in PvP.

      FYI – Shiratsuyu drops all over World 1 – even Map 1-1 boss. She’s easy to get. Hiyou and Ryuujou drop on all World 2 maps (including non-boss nodes). Grind enough & you’ll get them. As for Shokaku (or Shoukaku?) & Zuikaku, you’ll need some luck for that (no pun intended). Outside of events, they only drop at World 4-4 & World 5 boss nodes unless RNG favors you during construction. I’m still missing both (along with Taihou. *sigh* need to get on LSC), but no big deal. I’ll get them/build them eventually. At this point, I’d rather have Taihou before either one of them.


      Back to the anime, IMO, both Kisaragi and Mutsuki come across a LOT better in the anime than in the game (especially visually). That being said, I don’t think “anime Fubuki” is significantly worse (if at all) than either one of them. Those two are “super nice” kind of characters whereas Fubuki is a nice + earnest new recruit. You’ll never find a KanColle main character which pleases every single game player. Shimakaze is popular, but I’ve read comments from players that definitely don’t like her. The Akatsuki-class are quite popular, but again, there are some who like other DDs (not to mention other classes) better. I still see “where’s my Kanmusu” type comments even half-way through the season (submarines are commonly mentioned).

      Frankly, Fubuki is a lot better than some other lead characters I’ve watched. *cough* Ichika from IS To me, Fubuki as MC makes quite a bit of sense for two reasons. First, she is the default starter ship (which also makes sense on a historical level given how the Fubuki class DDs set a new worldwide benchmark for destroyers). Before I started playing the game, when Fubuki was announced as MC, I read a lot of game player comments to the effect of “Well, Fubuki’s not my favorite, but it makes sense why she’s the MC”. It’s a neutral choice, and in a game where people have their own favorites, I think that has value. Second, while she’s perhaps “plain” (I would say “earnest”) in terms personality compared to a lot of other Kanmusu (but not all), that works in the anime since it allows her to play the tsukkomi role to everyone else’s boke. We saw that in Ep. 02 (Naka) and Ep 04 (Kongou sisters).

      As for your suggestion, honestly, I don’t see any reason for Naka to join a destroyer division since she’s a CL (light cruiser). Besides, from comments I’ve read, Naka is not a popular character for many. There’s a “Naka Recycling Club” in the forums, along with this video in the KC English wiki KanColle anime Ep. 06 comments. I liked Naka in Ep. 06’s co-announcer tsukkomi role, but overall, I’d definitely rather have more Sendai in the anime than Naka. I do like DesDiv 6/Akatsuki-class quite a bit, but I think they got enough screen time – a whole episodes worth. My impression from reading player Ep. 06 comments is that Akatsuki-class fans are for the most part satisfied given a 12 episode run.

      Still, I do think you have a point that the show could have used the Akatsuki-class to better effect in Ep. 04. After all, they were Kisaragi’s, Fubuki’s, and Mutsuki’s classmates (and presumably friends). So while I don’t think you need to integrate Fubuki (or anyone else) into DesDiv 6, I agree that the anime could, perhaps even should, have used the Akatsuki-class DDs in role towards partially resolving Kisaragi’s death. The problem I have with Ep. 04 is not so much that Kongou & sisters tried to comfort Fubuki (though what about Mutsuki?), but how the show went about that. So my thought is to do half and half. Take out some of the Kongou Sisters Comedy Variety Show, tone down the “humor” for what remains, and use the extra time for Akatsuki-class , Fubuki, Mutsuki, Poi, etc. dealing with Kisaragi’s passing. You could combine both. Kongou can host a tea-party to cheer up all of them. Just leave out the “Where is Shimakaze?” “plot” line, thank you.

      Gah, this turned out longer than I thought. Sorry. Well, you’re probably used to that by now. XD

      • @daikama
        I got an account sometime back, poked it once or twice, and didn’t get farther than that. As for actual playing, probably about 2 weeks – I restarted after Episode 4, of all things, revived my interest in KanColle (which I lost after seeing the cheesiness of the combat in Ep1).

        I read about Fubuki’s Kai 2, and the vibe I got is “Man, they are desperate”. So far, the marking characteristic of starter kanmusu is that they are all virtually the same, so you can pick based on personality. Now they’ve broken that to push Fubuki. Usually Kai-2s have a nice battle record on their side, but Inazuma’s certainly has more glitter if you go by that standard (hadn’t checked everyone’s TROM yet).

        I didn’t really like that – sure, you can say they are common drops, but a drop means a chance, and certainly the game has not seen fit to re-issue me a Fubuki after I fed her to someone though they’ve been giving me plenty of reissues of many other ships like Shigure, to say nothing of Hatsuharu (another Kai-2 equipped) – I finally gave in and kept my 5th or 6th re-issue.

        Anyway I chose Inazuma for starter from way back. As for Mutsukis – personally I liked Mikazuki and Fumizuki (they’ve gone Kai in the short time I had them). Kikuzuki and Yayoi are OK. Satsuki looks a lot better in the doushinji A Destroyer’s Destiny but she’s OK. Nagatsuki and Mochizuki are in constant expeditions. As for Mutsuki and Kisaragi … well, the latter is so meh that when I got her, I lost sympathy at the death of her anime counterpart – the day her Quest is over is the day she becomes a Modernization material. I’m very far from being at the point where I can evaluate Uzuki.

        For me so far fuel is the thing keeps running short. My ammo stock is still in great shape.
        Back to the anime, I can understand that Fubuki is a non-objectionable Lowest Common Denominator choice for heroine. But whatever the reasons, if they are going to push Fubuki, they shouldn’t break it in the middle to make an all DesDiv 6 episode. Yes, there’s a trope called A Day in the Limelight, but that’s for characters that actually were a bit more in the center than DesDiv 6 so far and is in any case questionable tactic when you have all of 12 episodes to burn. It just reeks of appeasement in the most blatant manner, which is unpleasant.

        As for sticking Naka to join DesDiv 6, here are my considerations:
        1) The Japanese tactic of using a light cruiser to lead destroyers.
        2) They can use any light cruiser, really, but consider that the authors seem quite determined to put Fubuki in a prominent role. Everyone else will be nerfed as much as necessary to make it happen. You tell me if you want that to happen to Sendai.
        3) Superficialities aside, Naka really isn’t a bad sister in the anime and does not deserve the fate in the video no matter how many times she’s issued in lieu of one’s Target Ship.

        Certainly the anime-writers think of her as more than 2 Fuel 4 Ammo 11 Steel (she’s prominent in every episode, an honor even Fubuki did not get though she’s the main character!). What will increase the universality of her popularity is showing the depth of her character more strongly, and that can be done in a growth episode where she gets her own destroyer division for the first time. The inclusion of Fubuki as a balance will be more naturally justified, and the story can go down two paths:

        a) Naka fully grows into her new role, but Fubuki still plays a prominent advisor role, which will be more natural than the forced measure of making her the flagship. This works better with Naka than with most other light cruisers.
        b) Naka graciously yields the flag role to Fubuki – at least it’d be less of a nerf than with other light cruisers, and Naka doing it feels more appropriate than a lot of other cruisers, such as Sendai, to say nothing of the canon plot of battleships and carriers doing such. Since the flag role is also something of the “center”, “star” role, for Naka to yield such a position would also shine positively for her and reveal a measure of newfound maturity.

        >My impression from reading player Ep. 06 comments is that Akatsuki-class fans are for the most part satisfied given a 12 episode run.

        They can only be satisfied, since an anime that’s not about them nevertheless sidelined its main heroine to give them one full episode. I must wonder, however, whether they won’t be happier if they got two or three “two-thirds” episodes instead, and whether the anime would not overall be better for it.

        >You could combine both. Kongou can host a tea-party to cheer up all of them. Just leave out the “Where is Shimakaze?” “plot” line, thank you.

        Well, I’d say that if a tea-party actually cheers them up, it makes Kisaragi’s death look cheaper. The Shimakaze plot is actually OK in the sense that it is a nice, big, natural looking event that has much more power to snap someone out of the funk than a tea party. What would turn it positive for more people is thirty seconds of “Behind the Scenes” to make it clear that they are turning up their natural tendencies to Eleven (much easier than faking some tendencies they don’t have) in a big act to cheer up distraught novice kanmusus before their missions. Maybe even get Shimakaze’s explicit buy (they can substitute the Myoko sisters scene with a scene of Kongo and Co looking at them and saying “They look Down. They have a mission tomorrow. We have to do something.”)

        • @Kazuaki Shimazaki
          But whatever the reasons, if they are going to push Fubuki, they shouldn’t break it in the middle to make an all DesDiv 6 episode.

          While you may find it objectionable (which is your privilege), but I don’t think it’s that unusual to focus on someone besides the main character for one episode. Given that the intended audience are the gamers, they want to showcase as many kanmusu as they can. This is better than trying to shoehorn Fubuki into every situation even if it requires bending the story into a pretzel to do it. Frankly, I think they could have gotten away with not having Fubuki as the ML. Just make Nagato the character that provides continuity between episodes and have each episode deal with another group of kanmusu. Well, they picked Fubuki instead and gave her an overall arc of being Akagi’s escort so there you are. I mentioned in my episode 5 impressions that my preferred option if Fubuki is to be the MC is that she act as a “fill in” character where they move her around the various groups to train her and use her capabilities as a “special”. That would have allowed multiple groups screen time while still centering the story on Fubuki.

          Well, I can see you like Naka, but I can’t see where she fits the big sister role any better than the others. Kongou and Akagi have been the two that act more in the nee-san role. Napa’s only focus has been idol related except for getting Kitakami to train Fubuki in torpedos. Now this site has a reference to a pixiv poll that ranks the kanmusu in popularity. Shimakaze gets first place, but CL Tenryuu is in second. Seems like she would be a good one to be the lead ship.

          I do agree with your last paragraph in that making it explicit that they purposely did it to distract Fubuki before the mission would alleviate some (but not all) of my complaints about episode 4.

        • @Kazuaki Shimazaki
          But whatever the reasons, if they are going to push Fubuki, they shouldn’t break it in the middle to make an all DesDiv 6 episode.

          I agree that this episode felt out of place. It wouldn’t have been as bad if the episode added something to the story, but it didn’t. Because Kantai Collection appears to be avoiding an episodic format overall, it’s natural to expect the episodes to flow together. Episode 6 feels more like an OVA, and if the episode really was necessary, it would have been better between episodes 1 and 2, when characters were being introduced, or 4 and 5, as an event that would up the morale of Des Div 6. If they were going to do an episode focused on other characters, I would’ve liked to see what Mutsuki or Yuudachi was doing, considering they, along with Fubuki, were the main cast for the first 4 episodes.

        • @flaze35: I think you have a point about the order of episode presentation. Personally, while I do not think Ep. 06 would work between Ep. 1 & 2, I do think it would have been better to swap Ep. 06 with Ep. 05 in terms of order of presentation, especially since Ep. 07 picks up right where Ep. 05 left off.

  2. I… ah… started playing the game. I quite liked episode six, although this series sure changes direction and mood quickly! I particularly liked the moment when Fubuki’s friends thought her cool vision of Akagi was about to crack and shatter, and reassured her when no reassurance was needed. Well… I guess that’s the difference between Kongou and Akagi… and the difference is that it’s love… I’ll step aside… I guess its fine if I still have the Admiral to feel that way about…

    – Kongou

    • A good admiral cares for all his Kanmusu. Well, except maybe Akebono. 😉 At any rate my Kongou has no reason to complain as she’s currently my highest level Kanmusu.

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