New Strike Witches TV Anime Announced

Military anime related news has been thin lately, but I ran across this article on SGCAFE.  Instead of our beloved girls of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, we will be introduced to a new group, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing: The Brave Witches (aka The Breaker Witches).  The news is also reported here which references a great character chart (unfortunately in Japanese)  of the witches and the RL pilots they were based on.


7 thoughts on “New Strike Witches TV Anime Announced

  1. Thanks for the update Bear. 😀 About time! LOL – how long ago was the third TV season of the anime announced? Well, better late than never. A story centered around the 502nd JFW is fine (more Nipa (Nikka Edvardine Katajainen) = win in my opinion), but I really would like to see Suomus Misfits Squadron (507th Joint Fighter Wing) LNs adapted to anime. 3 LN volumes in 12 episodes would work well. Actually, just wish LN volume 03 was completely translated. 😦 (seriously, would some kind translator finish that, please!). Regardless, looking forward to a third TV season of Strike Witches. I didn’t see a scheduled air date with the news update. Hopefully, it will air during the Fall 2015 season, but not counting on it.

    FYI – Here’s the 502nd Strike Witches Wiki page for those who want more details in English. Also, 502nd members Nipa and Aleksandra Pokryshkin had brief appearances in the Strike Witches Movie.

    @ernietheracefan: Thanks for the link/info. Have to see how it turns out, but I think so far SW anime has done a constantly good job with appropriate voice acting.

  2. I have half a mind to point out that, even though its importance in the conflict’s scale was minimal, IRL there was a Regia Aeronautica detachment on the Eastern Front, which seemingly obtained a very lofty kills/losses ratio despite not having top-notch equipment (mostly C.200 “Saetta” and a few C.202 “Folgore” fighters, with at least one confirmed ace serving there.
    But I guess that, despite being virtually unknown, Lucchini alone is more than enough to fill the “Italian” share of the show… can’t say that it’s a wrong reasoning.

    • @Italianguy88: Appreciate the WWII information, but in regards to Strike Witches, that’s not correct. There have been other Romagna (Italian) witches in the “show” (i.e. anime TV series & movie) in addition to Francesca Lucchini. Luciana Mazzei, Fernandia Malvezzi, and Martina Crespi (all members of the 504th JFW) appeared in Strike Witches Season 2 Ep. 01 & 12, and the Strike Witches movie as well. Their TV Season 2 appearances were more cameo roles, but all three got some decent screen time in the movie. In terms of Strike Witches anime, there have been more Romagna witches featured than either Liberion (US) or Britannia (Great Britain) – so far, only Charlotte E. Yeager for Liberion, and Lynette Bishop for Britannia (both members of the 501st JFW).

        • @daikama

          Well, I stand corrected; but perhaps it’s what flaze said… it was the number of witches from these two nations that threw me off…

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