Girls und Panzer Movie set for November 21, 2015 – New PV Released

More information here.

First, thanks to flaze35 for the news update. 😀  It’s been a long wait, but things are finally coming together for the Girls und Panzer movie which is now set for release in Japanese theaters on November 21 this year (no date set for BD/DVD release though :/).  Rather than a simple rematch between Oarai and St. Gloriana, this latest PV seems to suggest that the text line of “The biggest tank battle ever!!” isn’t hyperbole (I assume “biggest [GuP] tank battle ever”, not WWII of course – we won’t have another Battle of Kursk here with thousands of tanks).  Not just Oarai and St. Gloriana,  but Pravda and a new team – Chi-Ha Tan Academy, appear to be taking part as well.

So at least four schools are involved in one match(!), with the match format quite possibly deviating from the 1-on-1 matches we’ve seen before.  Rather than 1 vs. 1, maybe schools are paired up in teams or even a battle royal!  It’s impossible to say for sure the exact structure, but I can say that this latest PV did its job.  The delays for new GuP material have been frustrating, but I’m definitely looking forward the GuP movie more than ever. 😀


25 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Movie set for November 21, 2015 – New PV Released

  1. I must wonder, given this new video, whether the main point will be the St. Glorianna vs Oarai battle. It has always been a little hard for a St. G vs Oarai battle to carry a 2-hour movie (that’s 6 episodes worth of screentime), and with this new information perhaps there *won’t* be a rematch at all.

    One thing GuP teasers are very good at is distributing the already produced scenes and even sounds in such way to imply a different sequence of events from the final sequence when all the cuts are in. In the last and the PV before that, they’ve distributed everything to strongly imply St. Glorianna is fighting Oarai. But if you look at it carefully not as a series but as individual cuts, they don’t have to be assembled in a fashion that they are fighting. Even in the first PV sent out many months back, Miho only says she’s happy to be doing a Senshado match with Darjeeling and Co – it does not necessarily mean they *have* to fight each other; the condition can be satisfied with them being on the same team.

    Now we have a new series of cuts. They are playing games about being at least somewhat serious (certainly they can’t get more relaxed than the Anzio OVA 🙂 ). St. G now kind of somehow looks like they are allied. We see faces of an unidentified (presumably hostile) woman and her little sister(?). Further, Pravda is getting into the party (you see Katyusha and a gunner in the Pravdan uniform).

    If there is a common enemy, I don’t think they’ll write a plot where St G (and only St G) is on the opposite side, and Pravda + Oarai + Chi-Ha Tan seems an overmatch for St. Glorianna. Also, while the biggest tank battle in anime was 20 on 8, the biggest tank battle in GuP canon is a 50 on 50 between Pravda and Saunders (on a Drama CD). If they want to outdo the latter, they’ll probably need Pravda, Oarai, St G and Chi Ha Tan on the same team fighting someone (perhaps the minions of this red-coated woman which we hadn’t seen yet).

    So, how are they going to play this? Are the scenes we saw of a St. G vs Oarai “pre-match” before the main course which will somehow involve our new red-coated woman? Or are we seeing scenes of the *main* or even *only* battle (which in such a case St G almost certainly won’t be the enemy)?

    I am very interested as to how they’ll string together everything for their final product.

  2. One thing that really stood out to me was what Hana said at 0:42: Flowers can bloom anywhere. This reminded me of what she says from the series: There are some flowers that can only bloom here (Ooarai).

    What are those grey tanks (0:51)?

    Based on what the text implies, it makes it seem as though St. Gloriana, Pravda, and Chihatan are allied against the people who seem to be the new enemy. Looking at 1:11, it says: An ally? Then shows Katyusha. This makes me think that Pravda is an unexpected ally. Taking into account the fact that the new enemy appears to be Shiho’s adversary, I’d say the conflict is somehow related to the survival of the Nishizumi style, or something similar (maybe a new style of senshado wants to take over at Kuromorimine). If this is the case, perhaps this movie is meant to provide closure to the conflict between Miho and her mother.

    Of course, Kazuaki makes a good point. This preview could be tricking me. Either way, I’m just happy we finally are getting to see some new footage.

  3. @flaze35 & Kazuaki Shimazaki: Yeah, looking at this again (paying more attention >_>;), I have agree that this looks to be much more than a simple rematch between Oarai and St. Gloriana’s. Edited my post statement accordingly. Agree with Kazuaki Shimazaki that this looks to be a multiple teams (possibly paired up/allied) or maybe a battle royal (still could have impromptu allies). Multiple teams/battle royal type of match would fit with the “The biggest tank battle ever!!” comment.

    Kind of embarrassed to say, but at this point, I can’t place the tank at 0:51. That turret design is pretty unique. Sort of reminds me of the IS-3 “soupbowl” (though that’s quite rounded), but this tank is definitely not an IS-3. There’s really not much of mantlet either. Hmm… I’ll try to do some research on that, but if anyone can ID it, please feel free to post.

    At this point, it’s to hard for me to suggest anything definitive other than the above and that’s still a guess (hopefully “educated one”). I can say that the PV did it’s job. I’m pretty psyched up for this, and definitely curious as to how it all plays out.

    • Re 0:51, I’ll call them Crusader Mk IIIs, which we’ve seen in the previous PV. The low profile, highly angled turret common to Crusaders. The mantlet for the 6-pounder gun is now internal so you don’t see the mantlet “bulge”, just a flat frontal plate. Riveted construction. Distinct box on the left side of tank for driver. Sloped armor on front.

      Look at here (0:57) on the older PV:

      Yeah, it is the same Crusader 🙂

  4. The one thing that is confusing me is why Katyusha is here. I get that Shiho and (i presume) Lady Grey talking about Ideology, That its Oarai/Chi-ha-tan vs St.G, but Katyusha’s role is unclear, Maybe Oarai drafted her in for a friendly.

    • @ziggyzack1234: Honestly… I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. It could be just Katyusha, but why just her and not Pravda as a whole? It would be kind of odd for Oarai to be able to randomly recruit a tank (team) or two from another school for a match. The only thing I’m fairly certain about is Oarai vs St.Gloriana in part, there is at least one other school (Chi-Ha Tan Academy), and most likely a fourth school (Pravda). Whether it’s team vs. team, battle royal or something else… no clue at this point.

      The PV is rather cryptic with a lot of fast paced scenes cut and pasted together – which is no real surprise. I’m sure the staff wants to pique interest without giving anything substantial away, and frankly, they did a good job of that. Re. Shiho and (presumably) Lady Grey, that’s another interesting facet because we really haven’t received much about the history of Sensha-do (OT but is it “Senshado or Sensha-do? Seen both). I think they could make a good story centered around Shiho when she was participating in Sensha-do during her school years, and how the whole Nishizumi style came about.

  5. It sure does look interesting.

    However, one of the things I’m more hyped about is that perhaps we’ll see Team Mallard and Team Anteater actually do something that isn’t taking a shot. That is alright, sure, go teamplay, but nothing beats helping the team by using your guns and taking out an enemy tank.

    • @Italianguy88: Speculation on my part, but I do think there’s a good chance (more likely than not) for the Mallard & Anteater teams to do something being being shields. That’s not to say that I expect them to play a major/lead role, but since this is supposed to be a huge tank battle, plenty of chances for them to take out at least one tank each.

    • It seems like Little Army 2 is so far heading more into the “gag” route compared to Little Army 1, and these teams that didn’t show up for the main event are ridiculously well-equipped 🙂

  6. @flaze35: Thanks for the update. I’m mired in the KanColle event right now (the sparkling… it just… won’t… end… Seriously 😦 ), but I definitely plan to check it out once the event is over.

    BTW, if you still have KC questions – send an e-mail via the blog contact page. GL if you’re trying the event. ‘Tis a hard one, but first map, arguably first two, are easy enough.

    @Kazuaki Shimazaki: Didn’t expect a greater focus on comedy, but if it works (comedy is subjective), then fine by me. You have me curious as to the equipment. Also, GL on the KC event if you’re still playing.

    • @Daikama
      >Didn’t expect a greater focus on comedy, but if it works (comedy is subjective), then fine by me. You have me curious as to the equipment. Also, GL on the KC event if you’re still playing.

      Let me put it this way. They have a St. Glorianna wannabe team, which has 10 tanks, including a Centurion and a Black Prince (the lowest thing on the team seems to be a Matilda).

      Then we have our “hero” team, who has a Tiger I, a Jadgtiger, a T-44 and an Elefant, and lastly a Panzer II.

      I’m not sure I like this development. I know not everyone is happy with Gekkan Senshado’s trend of making most teams pretty weak. However, they came first and so it should be worked with. Further, even ignoring this subcanon, these are teams that don’t make it to the top 16. You would reasonably expect them to be weaker than at least the top of those that *are* in the top 16. We’ve seen the top four. Now these nobody teams have better fit.


      As for comedy, overall if I ignore the above, it is interesting to me, but YMMV.

      And yes, I am playing the KC event. The problem is that I hadn’t played it since last event. Basically I saw Teruzuki and decided to make a pitch, but obviously my odds are low since I hadn’t prepared…

      • You bring up a good point. If they would explain why these better equipped teams weren’t in the national tournament, that’d be great, but for now, we can only speculate as to why they wouldn’t be there. For example, Bellwall’s team likely stopped functioning as a team before the national tournament. I have no idea why the St. Gloriana wannabe team wouldn’t participate, however. I could make up a million explanations, but not one of them would be supported by evidence.


          Gekkan Senshado is moving again for the movie – two more books with the first coming out in November. Will have to again get OtakuRepublic to get it for me, even if it costs a premium.

          We’ll finally learn, hopefully, the official word on how Anzio killed Maginot and also those little matches.

        • By helping me with artbook, I think I have identified some of the tanks.

          Jatkosota : 1x StuG III Ausf F; 1x Panzer IV Ausf J; 1x BT-42; 1x T-34/76; 1x T-34/85; 1x T-26; 2x BT-5; 2x BT-7.

          Blue Division : 2x T-26; 2x BT-5; 1x Carro ligero de combate “Verdeja”; 1x Panzer II Ausf E; 2x Panzer III Ausf J; 1x Sug III Ausf G; 1x Panzer Ausf H.

          Viking Marine : 2x Somua S35; 2x Hotchkiss H35; 1x Panzer I Ausf B; 2x Panzer II Ausf B; 1x Neubaufahrzeug.

          Koala Forest : 2x Matilda; 4x M3? (Stuart?); 2x M3? (Stuart?); 2x AC1 Sentinel.

          (Those of Anzio & Maginot, already identified through the OVA.7)

  7. OK, someone has actually photographed the movie pamphlet:

    The final score is, first we’ll have an exhibition match in Oarai, b/w Oarai + Chi-Ha Tan vs St. G + Pravda. The fight ends, they have some bonding scenes in an Onsen. Then Anzu gets called back for an emergency and we get to the “meat” of the movie.

  8. On the Thai forum, Another D, has just a beautiful gift to fans of GUP: it scanned and posted several pages of Gekkan Senshado special issue.

    To see high resolution screns, go to the forum and click the links :

    Ooarai VS Saunders

    Anzio VS Maginot – St.Gloriana VS BC Freedom

    Chiha-tan VS Kuromorimine

    Ooarai VS St.Gloriana – Pravda VS Bonple

    Viking VS Koala – Blue Division VS Keizoku (Continuation – Jatkosota)

    Yogurt VS Waffle

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