New Girls und Panzer Movie PV

About 3 weeks away from the Girls und Panzer movie Japanese cinema release, and there’s a new(ish) PV out.   There’s been some production delays, but from the PV’s, this does look like it should be quite good and worth the wait.


10 thoughts on “New Girls und Panzer Movie PV

  1. Not sure if you guys are still around, but Haifuri (highschool fleet) is looking to be an interesting watch this season.

    • @Flaze35: Well, sort of around. Just not active on the blog for various reasons (sorry :/). We both are looking forward to the GuP movie when it becomes available.

      As for Hai-Furi, Suzuki Takaaki (military adviser for Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer) is involved which is promising. For that reason and the WWII ships, both Bear and I checked it out, but neither one of us were impressed by Ep. 01. Hai-Furi very much feels like trying to recreate Girls und Panzer magic, but with ships rather than tanks. Fair enough on ships rather than tanks, but that’s not the issue. Granted it’s only the first episode, but to me it felt like a inferior, too blatant copy of Girls und Panzer. Hopefully it will improve.

        • Mixed feelings…. Yup. We’ll be posting our review as soon as we can get our act together. Two hours of screen time is a lot of ground to cover. And thanks for the link.

        • @flaze35: Yeah, can’t say that Hai Furi is good. Agree that the SOL/Drama mix is off. Mind control rats (*cough* Pink & the Brain anyone) doesn’t help matters either. Frankly, the battles (such as they are with the “we can’t hurt the other ship” limitation) are OK with some too ridiculous over-the-top instances for my tastes (e.g. shooting shells out of the air >_> or last episode’s boarding party literally using water guns to defeat infected crew members. Show’s become a parody of itself).

          Thanks for the link on the new show. Interesting. Girl’s a witch maybe or am I taking “soars” too literally?

          Lastly, as Bear notes, we are working on a GuP der Film review, but gonna take a while. :/

        • @daikama Haha, yeah, I have to agree with you that the combat can be ridiculous at times. I really enjoyed some of the episodes like the one with the Hiei, and then at other times you have things like Shima jumping twenty feet out of the water.

          @Bear+daikama Good to hear the GuP movie review is coming. I loved it, and have seen it at least ten times. It has everything I loved from the series plus more ridiculous stunts and amazing CG.

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