Tactical Review of the Girls und Panzer Anzio Battle: OVA

The manga and anime versions of the Anzio match differ in some significant respects. Not only are there differences in terrain but also in team compositions. We thought we’d review both individually and then offer our opinions from a tactical standpoint. In order to keep posts to a reasonable length, we decided to split the tactical reviews into separate posts, starting with the anime OVA.

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Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu! OVA Primer

With the Girls und Pazner Anzio OVA release date approaching, we thought it might be a good idea to do a “primer” for the OVA. The anime only showed a short scene of a defeated Anzio and an exuberant Oarai, but the actual battle was not shown. The OVA covers events leading up to and the actual 2nd round Sensha-do Tournament match between Oarai and Anzio itself.

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Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA Latest news and PV’s

Here is the latest news that’s out (in English at least) about the upcoming Anzio OVA.

This was the news on AnimeNews Network and a  PV released back in  April 2014

Here is a later news and PV on the Fandom Post by Chris Beveridge.

Hopefully we will be able to review the OVA as soon as someone has a TL available (end of July maybe?)

We have been waiting for this for a long time now but the PV’s look really good!

Girls und Panzer – Sensha-do Tank Eligibility Rules Explored

After reading the Girls und Panzer Sensha-do Competition Regulations (see earlier post), I wondered what other non production/not in service tanks or tank destroyers (TDs) might qualify for Sensha-do, and how they might impact both the teams and Sensh-do tournament balance.  After all, the Maus added massively to Kuromorimine’s (KMM) hardware advantage over the other teams.  As if 9 or 10 Panther tanks, a couple of Tigers, a couple of King Tigers (Tiger II), a Jadgtiger, Jagdpanther, etc. were not enough.  So what other potential game changing tanks might be available?

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