Kancolle Anime Update 4

KanColle Joke

Quick update:  As noted before, the anime will feature 40 ship-girls (kanmusus) with with episodes dedicated to Destroyer Division 6, the Kongou class battleships and Yamato.  Added to the list of confirmed ship-girls are Hiei (BB) and Ooyoda (CL) which leaves 18 more to go. Also, there will be an admiral (teitoku), but he won’t be shown on screen.  Ooyoda will most likely function as an on-screen substitute (e.g. secretary) for the admiral as needed.

FYI, the KanColle Primer has been updated with all released official character images (currently 22 total).


Introducing Panzers Vor!

Welcome to “Panzers Vor!”   Our first blog focused on the Girls und Panzer (GuP) series from a desire to continue the fun anime post-episode discussions.  Unfortunately, interest waned due to the increasing delay between the anime and subsequent OVA and movie along with the narrow focus of the blog in general.  Besides, GuP certainly wasn’t the only military related anime, manga or light novel series we enjoyed watching or reading.

Therefore, we decided to expand the concept to include all military related anime, manga and light novels.  Anything with a military theme might be discussed though we will tend to focus on series with a WW II basis given our strong interest in the subject.  What will we be covering? Initial plans include reviews for the GuP Anzio OVA (late July), KanColle anime (broadcast date TBA), and Season 3 of Strike Witches (broadcast date TBA).  Of course the the GuP Movie (cinema release before year end) will be covered as well.  As time and interest permit, there will be posts on other military based anime, manga and light novels (plus any news/updates) along with various WWII related topics (including book reviews). If you have a topic to suggest, please feel free to post it in the comments or on the contact page.

We hope to fill a niche not fully addressed by typical anime/manga blogs by providing greater in-depth reviews – including discussion of tactics, weaponry, etc., for those who truly enjoy the subject.  Last, but certainly not least, reader comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for checking out “Panzers Vor!”