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  1. Sora no Woto – A readers thoughts (Mainly spoiler free)

    I was introduced to Sora no Woto through this blog so thanks for the shout. I gave the show the customary four episode litmus test but was on board by ep3.

    To start the representation of Cuenca, Spain is well done. The “hanging” city is stunning in real life and the show did well to try and convey that with shots of the city. Not only that but the festival, while not exactly like those in Spain and a bit representative of Hindu celebration of Holi, captures Spains summer festival spirit. There are loads of typical historical festivals in the summer either throwing wine, water, reeds, being chased by bulls and always accompanied by brass bands and dancing in celebration. So that was an excellent touch at the start. Also kudos to the outline of the Spanish Civil guard with their famous “Tricornio” hat. This is shown during Kanata flashbacks with Iliya Arkadia. The saying goes the reason the Tricornio is flat in the back is because the guards constantly lean on walls while smoking cigarettes! Lazy bastards.

    After only three episodes I was pretty enamored with Kanata and the whole 1121st Platoon. Even tsundere Kuraha-chan is lovable around ep03…The ghost hunting “mission” with Kanata and Kuraha? Kawaiiiii.

    The pacing of the show is excellent though during the last few episodes it does get choppy. Successfuly introducing all charaters and their quirks over a 1 cour show is difficult but we also get more than just “personal info”. The show seems to take effort in making sure the viewer understand the characters emotions and experiences and how those make them who they are today. Reveals are peppered across the 12 eps which is why we learn about Felicia’s story in ep07 and get insight into Rio and Kanata in ep01. But the sign of a well paced and thought out story is that you can reveal character background at any time and it will not disrupt the flow. I really enjoy these types of anime, where the story telling is character driven as opposed to action, or fan service. I mean there is action but little and mainly through flashbacks.

    While I felt the pacing for this show was excellent we don’t learn much about the world itself till the very end. Which is not a bad thing, but leaves one wanting more. This world, while we dont get much, we understand is post-apocalyptic. There were previous wars and a loss of knowledge (trope). We do get some hints such as no living creatures in the ocean, dead languages, ideograms that can no longer be understood etc.

    One of the major qualms I had with the show was the final two episodes felt rushed in a way the entire series didn’t. But thankfully the rush doesn’t ruin the vibe. The man tears nearly came out when Kanata plays ‘Amazing Grace’ and Rio shows up. Lot’s of people building and less service = a great show. What a simple formula.

    Sora no Woto is clearly not for everyone. The young kid wanting tank battles and hand to hand combat will not appreciate the show. But the seasoned anime watcher will definitely like it. The animation is good, the story is excellent and the characters are relatable (even though they are soldiers). In some way the structure of the show and it’s emphasis on characters reminds me of Uchouten Kazoku (this is a stretch but even Durararara!).

    Some random notes:
    -wtf is up with the giant “angel” corpse we see in ep01? We barely get a peep about it till the final eps when the roman Aisha shows up

    -Ep07 Felicia back story is well done and the animation do not cut corners. She has PTSD, its clear. The delusions are damn good, I thought the bastard was alive or a robot…lol.

    -How the hell did Noel get that glass thing made correctly for the tank Takemikazuchi? I know Kanata has great ears but really……

    -Jesus how cute is Noel in ep08 with her head thrown back sleeping….ugh Kanata how cute is she…”Ring ring ring”

    -Ep11 Really Felicia? You find an enemy forward scout and don’t report her…… You find a scout and your first assumption should be “is she AWOL or is she scouting for the vanguard?”

    • Glad Sora no Woto worked out better for you than Strike Withes did. Personally, I thought it was a pretty good anime (certainly well executed) though, like Bear, I had issues with the ending among other things. Your comments about the representation of Cuenca, Spain were interesting. Always nice to know that a show is paying attention to the details when it comes to that stuff. Makes me wish I had a long European vacation planned. 😀 Well, any overseas vacation really. :/

      As for a comparison, also have to ruminate a bit for Uchouten Kazoku and Durararara! In some sense, I can see Bear’s point about Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta with all the SOL moments, though I definitely think Sora no Woto is a better show than Toaru Hikuushi The latter had some serious WTF issues from a military standpoint (including hardware) among other things (e.g. pacing/material cuts).

  2. Glad you liked it. TBH, I wasn’t all that happy with the ending even though it was ok. Takemikazuchi just seemed out of place in the rest of the story the way it moved. Way too spider like. As you might guess from the blog, I was hoping for something more tank like. The show also had a built up a sense that there would be a sacrifice by the girls to save the town. I expected martyrdom from at least one or all of them with the build up with the legend. Not the happiest ending but more in keeping with the post apocalyptic theme of the story. It seemed as if they were setting it up for another cour with them exploring.

    AFA, Uchouten Kazoku and Durararara! go I’d have to think about that. It does lean towards Slice of Life for most of the show. Not sure what I’d compare it to except Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta off the top of my head.

    • Glad to have you on board. Subject matter for the blog is rather thin right now but hopefully we’ll see the KanColle anime next season as well as the Strike Witches OVA and the GuP Movie. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.

    • @mindmaster115:

      As Bear said, welcome to the blog. 😀 Hope you enjoy the content, and please feel free to share your thoughts as well. As Bear noted, new subject material is a bit thin now, but we do plan to ramp up activity with the GuP Movie, Strike Witches OVA (in theory 3rd anime TV season whenever that airs), and KanColle anime starting in January. If you have a topic suggestion, let us know.

  3. When I first Watched Girls und Panzer, I had no idea what was going on, but now im an expert. When I first watched Strike Witches, and i caught on. But Upotte!, thats another story. That is an anime that defies common sense (KanColle please come out and save me) Anyone who has any idea whats going on, please tell me whats up with that show

    • Uppote? Cute girls and weapons porn. What’s not to understand? 😛 Partly joking, but that’s about it for Uppote IMO. And if you think that’s strange try reading Flight Highschool (girls as planes).

      Hope you like our discussions and feel free to look around and to join in if your interested.

    • @ziggyzack1234:

      Pretty much what Bear said – cute (gun)girls doing cute (gun)girl things. Moe + gun porn with a hint of a plot thrown in… somewhere… I think. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but IMO Upotte!! was simple, episodic stuff firmly centered wholly around the “guns as cute girls” premise. Unlike Girls und Panzer and Strike Witches, I think Upotte! is a very niche show (especially since in Upotte!! the girls are guns). If you’re not into military weaponry (or just guns I guess), then you probably won’t get much out of Upotte!! Personally, I thought Upotte!! was “OK”, but I definitely can see if the anime doesn’t appeal to someone.

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