Help only allows a limited number of tools for the free version (which we’re using).  Here are some things we can do within those constraints

Correcting Typos

You can’t edit or preview your comments (which sucks).

The admin can, so if you really need something fixed let me know and I’ll try to correct it.  I won’t muck with someones comment without permission though.

Moving Comments

If you comment on the wrong post or reply to the wrong comment it can’t be moved.

 The work around is that I do have the ability to delete someone else’s comment as admin so if you need to have a comment moved you can let me know and you can copy the contents of the comment and create a new one at the correct location.  I’ll delete the old comment for you.

Formatting and HTML

There is some html capability but they don’t provide a toolbar for commenters.

 The page that lists all the allowed html tags is here.  You’ll have to enter them by hand unfortunately.

I’m still trying to figure out how to hide spoilers so stay tuned.


Comment Guidelines — Please be civil. Rude or offensive comments will be unilaterally edited and/or deleted. Repeat offenders will be put under moderation or banned.

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